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Holystic: Singapore’s First Sneaker Laundry Shop Will Try To Salvage Your Worn Out Kicks

Sneakerheads, rejoice!

Tucked in a tiny corner, somewhere beside the Marks & Spencer Cafe on the first floor of Wheelock Place, sits a newly-launched booth that quite possibly holds the key to freshening up your old and dirty kicks.

Enter Holystic, Singapore’s very first sneaker laundry shop that provides professional sneaker cleaning services for the masses.

What spawned this great idea?

Holystic started out as an idea by a group of close friends. We were on the lookout for sneaker cleaning services for our dirty sneakers. We wanted someone we can trust to deposit and clean them, but there wasn’t anyone. That’s when we thought, why not do it ourselves?“, said the manager of Holystic, Koh Weishan.

We started getting our friends to donate a lot of shoes, and so we started washing their shoes for free. Then after getting more confidence, we started getting online orders and that’s how we started.

Holystic provides four different types of cleaning services: The Holy Basic Clean ($15), The Holy Detail Clean ($20), The Holy Special ($30) and The Holy Detail ($40). You’ll have to pay more if your kicks are made of premium materials like suede, nubuck, premium leather, cotton mesh and glitter.

You are also able to let your sneakers undergo Sneaker Restoration and Customisation. Considering the prices of a typical pair of kicks, the prices offered by Holystic are pretty reasonable.

All you need to do is to drop them off at the counter and return three to five days later for retrieval.

The Holy Detail

From $40, the Holy Detail Cleaning comprises of deep cleaning, deep undersole and lace cleaning, deodorising and insole & lining cleaning. In essence, this is the most meticulous and most thorough cleaning service provided.

The staff accepted our shoes then proceeded to conduct a detailed check on its conditions, specifically the defects and stains. He returned with a sheet annotating the flaws that he observed.


We sent in this pair of Nike Flyknits Lunar 3 which had dirtied soles and a worn out ‘swoosh’.


Upon retrieval, our pair of Nike Flyknits Lunar 3 had its soles thoroughly cleaned and logo restored with a layer of white paint (not shown in the picture).


This pair of blue Adidas NMD R1s had some spots of yellow stains around its soles.


What returned after the deep cleaning process was a pair of seemingly fresh kicks. We later found out that this was partly due to their own secret formula which they used to de-yellow the stains.

Sherman providing a detailed explanation on the cleaning services.

Holystic uses a range of well-known cleaning products such as Jason Markk and Reshoevn8r.

While Holystic has recently been under fire for ruining someone’s adidas NMD_R1 Primeknit Nice Kicks, the sneakers we sent in returned in pristine conditions. While we are sad to hear that happened, we’d like to remind you that it pays to remember that Holystic is a sneaker laundry and not a miracle worker.

In no way can they restore your kicks to their former pre-worn glory. But if your kicks are already looking like a pretty lost cause, then there’s not much to lose.

Prices: $15 ++ (refer here for detailed listing)

Holystic Sneaker Laundry (Express Store): Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, #01-K3 Singapore 238880 | Opening Hours: 11pm – 8pm (daily) | Tel: +65 9460 6660 | Website | Facebook

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