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Genvie Sg: Get Your Hands On These Cheap & Insta-Worthy Unicorn And Marble Makeup Brushes

Genvie Online Store is a Singaporean brand that was established in 2015 to provide customers with luxurious and affordable lifestyle products. Makeup lovers can rejoice because cosmetics brush sets are one of their collections.

ZOEVA’s brush sets are well-known for their high-quality and gorgeous designs but they come with hefty price tags that are well-above S$100. Genvie sells equally attractive makeup brush sets that stand out because of their innovative designs.

You can find an array of unique brush sets on the online store. Enchantress, for example, is designed like wands you can find in Harry Potter, and Mermaid features handles with scales and tails. Some of the sets even come in different colours so you will truly be spoilt for choice.

I decided to test the Travel-Size Marble as well as the Unicorn brush set. The makeup brush sets arrived in a minimalist black envelope-style packaging and were placed inside complimentary makeup pouches. The chic packaging made me even more excited to check out the brush sets!

Pink Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

If your obsession with unicorns can rival that of Agnes from Despicable Me, you’re in luck. Genvie has Unicorn Makeup Brush Sets that are bound to set your unicorn-loving heart singing. The handles are shaped like unicorn horns.

I wanted to try Genvie’s Rainbow Unicorn Makeup Brush Set but it was low on stock. It’s no surprise that that is currently the best-seller because who can say no to the pristine white unicorn handles with multi-coloured bristles? So I opted for the Pink Unicorn Makeup Brush Set instead.

No animals (or unicorns) were hurt in the making of these brushes because Genvie’s makeup brush sets are animal cruelty-free as they use only synthetic bristles.

The bigger brushes from this set are: Round Buffer Brush, Flat Angled Brush and Powder Brush. The brushes from this set are incredibly soft and the highlight of the set has to be the Powder Brush with its plush large head that allows for dusting of light powder.

The smaller brushes include: Lip Brush, Angled Liner Brush, Flat Shader Brush, Fluff Brush and Blending Brush.

I would recommend that you pick the brush sets with white bristles over those with dark-coloured bristles so that you are able to see the amount of product that is getting on the brush. The functionality of the brushes outweighs their aesthetics after all!

The pristine white bristles from this makeup set would not only allow you to apply your makeup smoothly, but also indicate if you’re cleaning your brushes well.

Price: S$33 per set

Travel-Size Marble Makeup Brush Set

This is currently the only travel-size makeup brush set offered by Genvie. The brushes have a plastic handle with a glossy marble finish. The ferrules are rose-gold and they all have the brand’s name on them. The bristles are soft to the touch, which is always a promising feature.

The bigger brushes of the set include: Flat Contour Brush, Flat Angled Brush, Angled Contour Brush, Round Blush Brush and Tapered Powder Brush.

My favourite of the lot would be the Tapered Powder Brush, a fluffy highlight brush that can achieve a soft focus glow. I was using The Body Shop’s Pointed Highlighter Brush but I struggled to accentuate the highlight on my cheekbones — my highlight was only visible when I was too heavy handed with the application.

You could also use this for setting your concealer under the eye or for applying blush.

The smaller brushes of the set include: Small Flat Shader Brush, Medium Flat Shader Brush, Angled Liner Brush, Fluff Brush and Blending Brush.

S$34 is easily the cost of one makeup brush so this 10-piece set is certainly perfect for jet-setting makeup lovers on a budget. I’ve invested in Primark’s PS Beauty Brushes, which is another cheap makeup brush range.

In comparison, Genvie’s brushes were softer and provided more coverage. My Primark set lasted for only a year so I would expect Genvie’s brushes to have a longer shelf life too.

Price: S$34 

Each makeup set comes with a complimentary canvas GENVIE makeup pouch for you to store the brushes, which is not so useful for daily storage since the pouch would get dirty. It is definitely handy for travel purposes though!

You will also get a free heart-shaped brush egg with every purchase, making the cleaning of your brushes easy and hassle free. The knobs are perfect to foam and lather your smaller brushes while the grooves are great for cleaning bigger ones.

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As an online store, customers may have queries about the products that should be addressed. As there are many brushes in the sets, it would certainly be great if Genvie could include labels of the brushes as well as the functions of the brushes.

While there are improvements that can be made to make the online shopping experience better, I would definitely recommend these brush sets for anyone who is interested in affordable and Instagram-worthy makeup brushes of your wildest dreams.

Prices: From S$33 per set

Genvie Sg’s Makeup Brush Sets: Available in-stores at RC Cosmetics House, 2 Bukit Batok Street 23, Bukit Batok Connection #02-16/17, Singapore 659554 | Available Online here | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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