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15 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Man You Love

Valentine’s day is soon approaching and if you still don’t know what to get your man, refer to this guide! Of course, on this day of love, it’s not all about the gifts, it’s about showing how much you care for and appreciate your partner. Love is not materialistic or tangible, but it won’t hurt to spoil him a little on this special day. From your usual tech to apparel and even something unexpected, I got it all covered. Here’s a curated gift guide to inspire you on what gifts to get your partner on the day we celebrate love.

1. For The Man Who Enjoys His T-Shirts Way Too Much

Credit – JD Sports

adidas Originals Sportivo X T-Shirt

The Sportivo X T-Shirt stands out with its Mystic blue colour and different coloured stripes on the sleeves. White on one side and red on the other, this detail subtly stands out amongst the typical monochrome adidas Originals shirts. Fun fact: The Pantone colour of the year is Classic blue. Which is very much in the similar shade range as the adidas Originals Sportivo X T-Shirt. This classic soft cotton-blend top is perfect both for the gym and a casual date out, ensuring your partner stays effortlessly chic regardless of the occasion.

Price: S$40 | Buy Now 

2. For The Man Who Appreciates Functionality With Style

Credit – Mr Porter

Dries Van Noten – Camp-Collar Floral-Print Woven Shirt

The Camp-Collar Floral-Print Woven Shirt is a beautiful black short-sleeved button-up shirt covered with red and blue accent flowers and is made of 100% viscose. The breathable and smooth semi-synthetic fabric ensures comfort when worn for long hours as it does not trap body heat, making it ideal for Singapore’s humid weather. This top keeps things conservative with its design yet is versatile enough to be worn with any pants. Your partner will, for sure have no problems integrating this piece into their wardrobe.

Price: Approx. S$545 | Buy Now 

3. For The Man Who Experiments With Tech

Credit – Microsoft

Microsoft – Surface Pro X

You can never go wrong with gifting a piece of tech, especially a device that’s super functional and highly customisable. The new Microsoft Surface Pro X is not merely a laptop; it’s a way of life. Gone are the days of bulky and heavy keyboards and static laptop screens. The Surface Pro X is ultra-thin, with a 7.3mm thick screen, weighs close to nothing with a total weight of 774g, and features an edge-to-edge PixelSense™ 13″ Display touchscreen. What impresses me most about this device is that it includes LTE Advanced Pro—meaning it can be used with a data sim card from any telco of your choosing. With the Surface Pro X, hunting for a stable WiFi connection is but a thing of the past.

Price: S$1528 And Up | Buy Now 

4. For The Man Who Loves A Clean Pair of Kicks

Credit – Holystic Sneaker Laundry

Holystic Sneaker Laundry

Here’s something that might surprise him: show some love for his passion for shoes by taking his favourite pair of kicks for a good wash. Holystic Sneaker Laundry not only cleans sneakers but also offers restoration services such as Stain Removal Treatment for that frustrating spot of who-knows-what that has stubbornly sat on the shoe for too long, to Upper-Sole De-Yellowing Treatment to refresh that pair of white sneakers that perhaps has turned more of a pale yellow from heavy use. If you’re unable to figure out how to kidnap his sneakers for the clean, you can buy him gift cards too. And if you’re too busy to go down to the store, Holystic sneaker laundry offers pick-up service as well.

Price: S$50 And Up | List Of Services Here 

5. For The Man Who Wants To Up Their Slipper Game

Credit – JD Sports


If you’re not too keen on being adventurous with the gift-giving, that’s alright. How about a pair of slides to replace your partner’s worn-out pair of slippers. The monochrome adidas Adilette Slides are made from the brand’s Cloudfoam material, which would most definitely ensure the comfort of the feet. With its simple design of a single thick strap over the sole of the shoe with the iconic three lines, this sandal can be worn for dates at the beach or for that morning breakfast run look.

Price: S$40 | Buy Now 

6. For The Man Who Isn’t Afraid Of A Little Colour

Credit – JD Sports

Vans Sid DX OG

Red shoes are no longer reserved for the Pope. Although classic, this red Vans Sid SX OG is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the man who embraces colour and appreciates a shoe construction that leans on comfort. Inside is an upgraded Ortholite sock liner for superior cushioning that takes care of his precious feet. Outside, the shoe is emblazoned with Vans’ iconic flying-V logo that pays tribute to its Anaheim Factory line, adding a touch of vintage to a no-frills silhouette.

Price: S$119 | Buy Now 

7. For The Man Who’s Confident With His Sense Of Style

Credit – Mr Porter

Alexander McQueen – Slim-Fit Harness-Detailed Cotton-Poplin Shirt

Now, this is not your typical white long-sleeved button-up. This Alexander McQueen Slim-Fit Harness-Detailed Cotton-Poplin Shirt is undoubtedly an eye-catcher. Poplin fabric is known for its particular ribbed texture and tightly closed weave which gives it its distinctive lustre. Made in Italy, this unexpected piece is one that exudes confidence and class. The details on this piece are stunning; the botanical design on the harness is not something you would see every day.

Price: Approx. S$785 | Buy Now 

8. For The Man Who Needs A New Laptop

Credit – Microsoft

Microsoft – Surface Laptop 3

Does the love of your life constantly complain about how old and slow their laptop is? Perhaps they’ve meant to make the change but just have not been able to fork out the time to research a device that’s worth their money. Get them a practical gift this Valentine’s day with the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. Jammed pack with excellent specifications like up to 1TB in storage options, up to 11.5 hours of battery life, both USB-C and USB-A connection ports, two different exteriors choices to pick from, and more. I assure you that often, practical gifts are the best gifts.

Price: S$1,488 And Up | Buy Now 

9. For The Man Who Knows That Accessories Maketh The Self

Credit – Mr Porter

Dunhill – Cadogan Full-Grain Leather Briefcase

The priciest of the lot, the Dunhill Cadogan Full-Grain Leather Briefcase is expensive for a reason. A suit is not complete without accessories, a businessman cannot be seen without a briefcase. If you didn’t already know, full-grain leather is leather that has not been sanded or embossed on the outer grain, making it more long-lasting and unique as no two full-grain leather pieces are the same. Hailed from Italy, this briefcase has a slip pocket at the front of the bag for easy access to your small items such as your smart-phone or office pass. Don’t be fooled by the slim shape of the case, the interior has a designated pocket for your laptop and has additional pockets for all your knick-knacks.

Price: Approx. S$1,755 | Buy Now 

10. For The Man Who Needs To Switch Off

Credit – Palm Ave Float Club

Palm Ave Float Club

More and more people are starting to see the importance of mindfulness in this era of trying to understand mental health. Show that you care about his state of mind with Palm Ave Float Club — flotation therapy gift cards. Flotation therapy is also known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T.). How it works: He would float in a pod with a tank of water and 500-600kg of epsom salt. The use of epsom salts is to achieve the feeling of extreme buoyancy, so anyone regardless of weight will float. The whole point of this therapy is to reach a meditative state, floating in what feels like the vastness of outer space. Float in isolation and free your mind from thought and body from gravity. Take care of his mind like you would his body.

Price: S$90 And Up | List Of Gift Card Options Here 

11. For The Man Who Needs An Underwear Upgrade

Credit – Bundies

Bundies – Underwear Subscription

So he may pay attention to what he wears on the outside but could be totally indifferent to what he wears down under. Get him an underwear upgrade with Bundies, an underwear subscription service. Pick from three different subscription options, Boxers, Trunks, or, Organic Cotton Boxers. Bundies knitted trunks and boxers undies are made from Lenzing Modal® a breathable and eco-friendly fabric extracted from Austrian beech trees. This fabric is almost magical as it not only naturally inhibits odour-causing bacterial growth but also feels luxurious and soft from the supple wood fibres.

Price: Approx. S$40 And Up | Subscribe Here

12. For The Man Who Spends Time Outdoors

Credit – The Rocket Eyewear Company

The Rocket Eyewear Company

The Rocket Eyewear Company was founded by a Singaporean brother-sister duo. Designed with the Asian face shape in mind, these sunglasses all bear classic silhouettes and are extremely lightweight at 29g a pair. Every pair of Rockets are handcrafted with the finest materials, with premium cellulose acetate frames, polarized CR-39 lenses, and stainless steel hinges. The high-quality polarized CR-39 lenses offer 100% UV protection and cut glare, perfect for daily use on our sunny island.

Price: Approx. S$177 And Up | Buy Now

13. For The Man Who Has No Time To Lose

Credit – CLICK “n” SHAVE


What better gift to give than the gift of time. Help him save time by gifting him a shaving subscription service that sends him shavings blades from an option of once a week to every six weeks. Made of high-quality stainless coated Swedish metal and wrapped with lubricating strips, enjoy a smooth shave with these blades. CLICK”n”SHAVE pays attention to the details, with a heavier than industry standard shaving handle, which allows your man to have a more controlled shave.

Price: S$15 And Up | Subscribe Here

14. For The Man Who Is Quite The Audiophile

Credit – Jabra

Jabra Elite 75t

Described as the “best earbuds for the money” by Gizmodo, the Jabra Elite 75t are tested and designed for a secure fit, with a small and ergonomic design, these earbuds promise comfort for all ear sizes. He’ll be able to take your calls in noisy environments with the enhanced 4-microphone call technology which filters out disruptive noise. Other features include 28 hours of battery life and true wireless stability will ensure no audio drop-outs and interruptions. A stand-out feature is the HearThrough technology accessible through the Jabra Sound+ app, that allows the control of how much atmospheric noise can be heard while using the earbuds. A volume button of sorts for the real world.

Price: S$288 | Buy Now

15. For The Man Who Loves To Work Out

Credit – Classpass

Classpass Subscription

Classpass is a subscription service that lets one choose from an endless selection of work-out classes monthly using pre-paid credits. Classpass is worldwide. With the service being accessible in 2,500 cities all over the world, he won’t have a reason to break his workout routine even while travelling. With over five million classes to choose from, such as boxing, yoga, HIIT, and cycling classes, there’s always something new to try. If he’s unable to finish his credits in one month, he would be able to roll over 10 credits to the next. Life is unexpected, enjoy the flexibility to change or cancel the subscription plan at any time.

Price: S$19 And Up | Subscribe Here

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