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This Durian Cushion From Malaysia Will Let You Express Your Love Without Getting Hurt

With durian season almost over (thank goodness!), I know many will be missing the allure that the spiky green fruit will bring. I won’t. However, that’s beside the point.

If you want to continue expressing your adurian-tion (adoration) for the fruit without having people wrinkle their noses at you in public spaces, this durian cushion from Malaysia lifestyle store Life Warehouse will probably help!

Credit – Life WareHouse Malaysia

The fines in Singapore won’t allow us to bring durians onto public transportation, but no one can say no to this odourless, cotton-filled version.

Measuring approximately 50cm wide, this cushion is a perfect width for hugging.

Plus, you won’t get hurt by it’s exterior, so squeeze away! In addition, it makes the perfect headrest whilst you’re watching a video on how to pick the perfect durian.

Credit – Life WareHouse Malaysia

The durian cushion retails for RM59 (approximately S$19) and ships to Singapore thankfully.

Although I bet you’d rather spend that amount on the fruit itself, think about how you’re going to be able to build a fruitful relationship together!

Life WareHouse Malaysia: Website

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