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The New ‘Oh My Disney’ Dog Fashion Collection Will Definitely Be Woof Your Money

Are you tired of wearing matching outfits with your significant other especially if, let’s be honest, your dog is your first priority?

Well, here’s some good news for all pawrents – Disney has recently released a new fashion line called the Oh My Disney Dogs Collection meant for pup-crazy owners and their dogs.

Credit – Instagram/Ohmydisney

The line not only consists of apparel but accessories and home decor items as well.

The pieces feature dogs from various Disney movies like ‘Bolt’, the puppies from ‘101 Dalmations’, Max from ‘The Little Mermaid’ and my personal favourite, ‘Lady and The Tramp’.

Credit – Disney

Pieces like the Oh My Disney Denim Jacket (USD$69.95, approximately S$95.85) are a statement piece, whereas other outfits like the Disney Dogs Pyjama Set (USD$29.95) is perfect for lounging around in.

If wearing dog-printed apparel is too much for you and you prefer a more subtle way to bond with your canine friend, then you need to check out the Oh My Disney accessories.

Step away from your mainstream pet toys and get your hands (and paws) on playthings from the line as well.

Re-enact a scene from ‘Bolt’ with the Mr Carrot Chew Toy (USD$14.95) and buy your pup a new dog bowl (USD$19.95) that comes with a matching mug (USD$14.95, approximately S$20.50) for your morning coffees. Time to have breakfast with your dog-bae!

If you’re really the biggest fan of Disney and wearing matching outfits with your doggo or buying them new stuff (to ruin, haha) is not enough, take it even further with the most adorable throw cushions and home decor.

This Max Throw Pillow (USD$29.95) is the closest thing to a dog I can actually own and imagine putting your rings on this Trinket Dish (USD$14.95) and pretending Lady guards your jewellery like she guarded the baby.

The Oh My Disney range covers almost everything you’d need if you’re dog-obsessed. Currently, it only ships to certain Asian countries (such as Hong Kong, Taiwan) the US and UK.

But hey, if you’ve got kind, generous friends flying overseas, now you know what to roll over and beg them for…

‘Oh My Disney’ Dogs Collection: Website

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