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The Definitive Guide To Purchasing Supreme Items In Singapore

As the hype around Supreme intensifies with every drop since the collab of the year, its presence has finally started to make ripples in Singapore. Before, procuring slightly more limited items has always been a Goliath task, since we do live in a little red dot.

Fortunately, as with many other trends that have made its waves across the oceans, Singapore has always been notoriously quick with its supply for any kind of demand. It’s pretty easy now to get Supreme from less trustworthy websites, but grabbing hold of your favourite (and authentic) pieces is still quite a quest.

There’s a sizeable group of people in Singapore who scour the interwebs in search of a grail or the latest drop. They have probably explored every avenue on this list but it does not come without its own set of trials and tribulations.

With that in mind, here’s a definitive guide to buying Supreme in Singapore:

Supreme Online Store

Okay, I’ll ignore the fact that the closest Supreme store is in Japan and move swiftly on to the next best option. It might not be the best since Supreme does not do International shipping but it’s your best shot at a guaranteed authentic product with so many fakes floating around these days.

Drops usually happen on Thursdays, at 11am (New York Time) which equates to 11pm for us in Singapore. With geographical restrictions, your best bet of purchasing off the online store is using a bot. If you’ve been living under a rock, a bot is basically a script that fills up your details and does the purchasing for you automatically.

You would also need to find a proxy address in the States where the goods will be shipped to initially before making its way to Singapore. The lengths we have to go to buy any Supreme from retail.

Even with the help of bots, this is not a fail-proof guarantee. Items have been recorded to sell out in under six seconds for more hyped items.


Being ridiculed for paying quite the sum for my own Supreme resale purchases is something that’s part and parcel of the whole ordeal. The fact of the matter is, the demand heavily outweighs the supply and that is what drives the markup of some items to preposterous prices — I once saw someone selling a Supreme coffee mug for S$140. It’s that ridiculous.

Here are a number of different Supreme resellers, each with their own pros and cons:

1. Grailed & Stock X

Grailed and Stock X are speciality resale websites designed specifically for streetwear, fashion and sneakers.

Grailed is basically the eBay of streetwear where sellers list their items and liaise directly with the customers. You can choose to gradually reduce prices if items aren’t moving but like many negotiations, don’t make lowballing a habit or you’ll end up getting blocked.

Stock X is relatively new to the Supreme reselling game with its inclusion of the brand alongside selling sneakers only starting early this year. Stock X differentiates itself from other sites with its authenticity checks.

As the middlemen between sellers and customers, sellers will ship items to the Stock X warehouse where an authenticity check will be done and given the ok if everything checks out. The items will be then sent to the customer with an authentication tag. If the items are found to be fake, they will be withheld and a refund will be made.

2. Carousell

Oh, Carousell. The extremely popular smartphone app for Singaporeans is a thriving community of resellers of Supreme products. But the big drawback is that it seems like resellers here have some sort of monopoly over the market.

Prices are similar and extremely inflated, apart from a few rebels that choose to cut their profits a little. It’s still relatively safe as you can make your own legit checks when you arrange for meet-ups with the sellers.

3. Facebook & Whatsapp Groups

Facebook & Whatsapp Groups are slightly more exclusive where a certain procedure is required before entering the group. The Basement, birthed from Copenhagen, Denmark, has almost a cult following with resellers from around the globe choosing to operate on this Facebook page.

Whatsapp Groups are a more local iteration of the same concept. The communal aspect means people are generally polite to each other and happenings in these groups usually go beyond purchasing and selling.

4. Instagram Pages

Instagram is the most versatile social platform and it has produced all sorts of profiles for every need. Reselling on Instagram is nothing new albeit unconventional. It’s pretty great, as you can scroll through the image grid of products and find information readily as captioned.

Also, when it comes to purchasing Supreme, the weirder the origins, the lesser the competition for any items. One of such users is @bootomeetyou.

Regardless of which platform you decide to patronise, there are a few rules of thumb you have to abide by. If you’re paying by PayPal, always make sure you’re doing it through a secure website link and if you’re dealing with the seller directly, always make it clear that you’re paying for goods or services.

Never, ever, send money as a gift; you won’t get the same protection as it’s almost impossible to get your money back.

5. Resale Stores

Remember I mentioned something about Singapore’s swiftness when it comes to supplying the demand? It has only just started but there are already a few resale stores that have popped up around our island.

Outsider By Intruders, located on the third floor of Far East Plaza (yes, that ol’ place), is the spot. They usually stock the latest drops two to three weeks after the initial drop in the States. Prices are sky-high but taking into account all the other aspects that contribute to the final number, it’s not that bad. And, this cannot be stressed enough – you can get a feel of the item before pulling the trigger.

Clothing labels these days are trying their hardest to fight against resale by varying the cuts of their products so that buyers are warier of dropping a bomb for something that might not even fit. They also stock other brands, notably Palace, but that’s a whole other conversation for another day.

— —

With Supreme’s stock on the rise, you’re almost guaranteed to find more choices on where to spray that cash. But for now, you’ll have to be content with the limited options here in Singapore.

Who knows what the future holds? If you’d told me five years ago that there would be an Off-White store in Singapore, I would’ve laughed and asked if you’d forgotten your meds. Supreme Singapore though… does have a nice ring to it.

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