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| On 1 year ago

Decathlon Taiwan Launches Self-floating Swimwear — Available Now

Swimming is an extremely great workout—it works your full body yet goes gentle on your joints. Unfortunately, I’m extremely afraid of the pool or mass bodies of waters due to a scary incident back in primary school when I nearly drowned. Like myself, many people are aquaphobic too.

Credit – Decathlon Taiwan

With the slow easing of Circuit Breaker measures, we can once again say hello to the pools and goodbye to your long-rooted phobia because Decathlon Taiwan is launching its self-floating swimsuit. This allows all aqua phobic women—or poor swimmers in general—a peace of mind when they navigate through water activities.

Credit – Decathlon Taiwan

This one-piece floating swimsuit is called TAIRAKI and is worn like normal swimwear. The new gear has a U-shaped neckline with 2 ring buoys below your waist, which pretty much looks like an unassuming off-the-shelf swimsuit, but with a twist.

Credit – Decathlon Taiwan

Similar to a usual float, the one-piece suit provides great buoyancy in the water. However, unlike a life vest, the swimsuit is not bulky due to its in-built inflatable air chamber that provides excellent freedom of movement.

Moreover, it is simple and quick to wear. Firstly, slide the TAIRAKI over your swimwear. Next, inflate the air chambers in the hip area and lastly, puff up the air chambers around the neck.

With this ingenious invention, you can strut into all the pool gatherings or summer yacht parties in style without the fear of being dunked into the pool!

Credit – Decathlon Taiwan

There are currently 2 sizes to choose from—small-medium (XS/S/M) and large (L/XL/XXL). Hop over to Decathlon Taiwan and get ready for some summer fun.

Price: NT499 (approx. S$23.47)

Decathlon Taiwan | Website | Facebook

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