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| On 2 years ago

Date Out: I Let This App Spice Up My Date & Ended Up Bungee Jumping At AJ Hackett In Sentosa

Working as a writer here at HYPE & STUFF and SETHLUI.com has broadened my horizons and let me experience so many things that sometimes, I no longer know what to do for a date.

Interesting food places? Been there, done that. I’ve either reviewed them or my colleagues have brought me along. Cool new things to do? Just check out the H&S homepage and you’re sorted.

A friend of mine gave me a quick fix to this First-World problem. He happens to know the creators of this app called Date Out, and thus took this opportunity to do a “sales pitch”.

This app is just like Groupon, but for couples. You’ll never run out of ideas or things to do!

Even though I just replied nonchalantly with “oh, I guess I’ll consider it“, by the time I reached home, I had already installed the app and signed up for an account.

I have to be honest, this solves one of the main problems that a workaholic may suffer from in a relationship: not being able to plan a good date. The list of activities on the app ranges from bungee jumping to acrylic painting, and there’s even a fishing course!

It feels like I’ve got my next 10 dates sorted out already. Shh, don’t leak this to my girlfriend.

Navigating through the app is as simple as downloading it through the App Store (or Google Play, if you’re on Android). As much as the app sells itself as a ‘to-do list’ for couples, you aren’t restricted to purchasing strictly two tickets for the activities.

There’s something for all types of couples, whether you’re sporty or artsy, or enjoy living life on the edge. I found bungee jumping to be the most eye-catching activity. I mean, it’s probably on most of your bucket lists!

And so, I tapped on the LET’S GO button, and got two tickets for bungee jumping as a surprise for my girlfriend, Tiffany (*gulp*).

Before The Jump

When I bought the tickets, it didn’t occur to me how damn intimidating bungee jumping is. Watching all the YouTube videos of people doing their jumps, it all seemed ever so effortless. I thought it was gonna be as easy as a rollercoaster ride.

Upon arriving at AJ Hackett Sentosa, I berated myself in my head a thousand times for making this huge mistake. Tiffany and I just looked at each other, laughing nervously and accepted our fates.

Each time we looked up at the jumping platform whilst doing the registration, my knees literally felt weak.

Pro-tip: Take a few toilet breaks before your jump, because you don’t want anything unexpected taking the leap of faith with you too!

I tried to take some photos at the lounge area before the jump, to build up the hype on my Instastory. I was even thinking that it could very well be my last words.

Social media aside, this waiting period is when you and your girlfriend will be the closest ever.

For the guys out there, this is your chance to be chivalrous and pretend bungee jumping has absolutely no effect on you. Even though deep down, you’re screaming for some emotional support.

As for the girls? I have no idea. Tiffany was so quiet the entire time, and I thought she might just burst into tears at any moment. When I tried to ask if everything was alright, she just smiled and said that it’s all good. Don’t you hate how girls always do this?

The Jump

As soon as we tried to gather ourselves, we got pushed up to the jumping platform, a tower that was 50m high. The first few steps out of the lift were heavy trudges, reluctance weighing down our feet.

We started getting ourselves ready by tightening the harnesses around our hips, while the assistants prepared the towels to wrap our legs. These towels weren’t too tight, which left a tiny seed of doubt in my mind. How effective were they going to be?

Turns out, you still need that little bit of flexibility to slowly inch your way towards your jump. Palms sweaty, I walked the plank. “I’ll count down from five, and you’ll just jump alright?

Five, four, three –

Can I not jump please? Let me decide when to jump?” I requested. The picturesque view of Sentosa’s horizon was a scene I remembered vividly. The more my brain comprehended how high up I was, the more I felt like giving up.

Trust me, the more you hesitate, the harder it gets. Three, two, one!” These words somehow managed to eradicate whatever fear that was stopping me.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s familiar with the overwhelming sense of vertigo before a rollercoaster’s drop. Imagine that feeling, except without the assurance of a structure restricting your limbs.

It was a free fall, and my arms were flailing. The sight of a tiny swimming pool advanced towards my face with immense speed. And splash!

I opened my eyes again, and it was a second round of free fall except from the height of 30m. This time I started screaming, to relieve every last bit of stress I’ve been experiencing. It really helps, trust me.

Just as the oscillation of the bounces slowed down, I tried to gather my composure as I was facing the crowd at the base watching me. But I couldn’t, and I kept on smiling, as a tiny tear of ecstasy dripped down my forehead.

As much as I’d love to look cool for a photo finish, I just couldn’t help but flash the brightest grin ever. The adrenaline from the jump flooded every part of my being.

If you’re ballsy enough to give this a shot, say yes to the dip in the water. Splash into the pool for a refreshing element in your jump experience!

AJ Hackett himself

I really enjoyed the fact that we both went through an obstacle together, and crossed an item off each of our bucket lists!

Of course, your date could also fall into the more conservative spectrum, so you should find out the interests of your date before you do anything rash. Who said there isn’t homework to be done in a relationship?

If you think you and your partner are up for it, get Date Out and test your boundaries together!

Prices: S$125 per pax through Date Out (original price S$159), app download is free

Date Out: Facebook | App Store | Google Play

AJ Hackett: 30 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, Singapore, Singapore 099011 | Website

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