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Malaysian Jewellery Craftsmen Customise Bespoke Accessories Based On Your Life Story

Tired of getting your jewellery off the rack with the run-of-the-mill designs? Malaysian bespoke jewellery startup, Left & Right, will write your story into your accessories.

Left & Right was founded by Eileen Phoan and Fabian Tan, who were stellar Mechanical Engineering graduates. After their graduation, they took a courageous leap of faith and began their current adventure to create jewellery. Amongst their artisan pieces, you will never find the same work.

Credit – Mohd Izwan Mohd Nazam/The Edge

Enthralled by the art of story-telling, Eileen explained that her late grandparents were great storytellers. Coupled with her love for crafting accessories, she was inspired to create each jewellery pieces with a meaningful backstory as her way of reminiscing them.

Credit – Left & Right

The genesis of each creation begins with a consultation, which is done through Skype video calls or walk-in interviews at their workshop. The next step of brainstorming is where creativity creates magic. A huge part of brainstorming involves seeing the stories through the storytellers’ lenses and translating their imagination into actual artwork. The entire process involves constant communication with their clients. Once the design is finalised and approved by the customer, it is sent to their craftsmen to produce. Each project takes around 10 to 12 weeks from scratch to finish.

Credit – Left & Right

The Counting Star collection, which was made from Labradorite stones, baroque pearls and Argentium silver, was created from the founders’ deep resonance with the lyrics from Counting Stars.

Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be

I feel something so right by doing the wrong thing
And I feel something so wrong by doing the right thing
I could lie, couldn’t I, couldn’t I?
Every thing that kills me makes me feel alive.

— Counting Stars By One Republic

As budding entrepreneurs, this heartfelt creation represents their leap of faith and the hope they cling to.

Left & Right’s services, which includes a bespoke consultation, first designs, and materials sourcing, are priced from RM1,800 (approx. S$601.19). Visit their website to find out more about the duo’s services and their journey – in business and creation.

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