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Chez Vous Salon: Repair Your Tresses With “Botox Injections” & Hair Fillers At Ngee Ann City

Frizz is one of my life’s banes. I’ve always been envious of those who have no issues with maintaining silky tresses, especially given our humid climate.

Singapore does a really good job of providing me with the constant battle of taming my hair regardless of how long or short I decide to keep it.

When I read about the ‘Hair Botox + Fillers Programme‘ by Chez Vous Salon, I was very intrigued. Does it use actual botox? If so, how do you inject it into one’s hair?

I’d heard of the salon before, but had never tried any of their services, so I was genuinely excited to go for this revolutionary-sounding service.

The programme has four different prices for its ala carte service, namely S$375 (short length), S$405 (medium length), S$455 (mid-long length) and S$505 (long length).

It also offers the Wonderful Hair Botox + Fillers Programme (S$599 for medium length, S$699 for mid-long length and S$799 for long length) that includes the ala carte therapy along with a post-home care kit (worth almost S$500).

Even on a weekday afternoon, the salon was bustling with activity and almost all the chairs were full. It must be pretty reputable, was my initial thought.

I was directed to a seat that is specially designed to accommodate to this service, complete with draw curtains surrounding it and an air vent located above (which will come in handy later). Before we began the process, Brand Manager, Eugene Teo, explained to me what makes this hair treatment so special.

“The Hair Botox + Fillers Programme is a deeply-conditioning, smoothing and reparative semi-permanent in-salon treatment programme that restores unruly, frizzy and damaged hair by transforming it into smooth and healthy-looking hair for more than 90 days (when maintained with the prescribed home-care products)”, he started off explaining.

This treatment does not contain any hair relaxers or softening agents that break the disulphide bonds in the hair, making it suitable for women whose hair can no longer undergo any further corrective chemical procedures.

I took ‘before’ shots of my natural hair, and as you can tell, it’s pretty wavy and “poofy”.

First things first, the technician washed my two-day old hair of grime and dirt. I was even treated to a brief relaxing scalp massage while at the sink; I always love it when salons go a step further to pamper their clients.

The first application consists of a concoction that has thermal-activated smooth-control concentrate that helps in combating frizz. The keratin aids in repairing damaged hair and resisting humidity, while the pro-satin silk-protein promotes shine and smoothness.

It took two technicians to saturate my hair, as they had to be meticulous to ensure every last strand was slathered in the mixture. It took an ample 25 minutes to complete, even with my short hair.

Afterwhich, my head was placed under a heater to allow all the ingredients to soak into my hair follicles thoroughly.

The experience was rather comfortable, but if you’re a restless person, this might get you feeling a little restricted in movement. The temperature was suitably warm and felt akin to the type of heat you’d get from a constant blow of a hairdryer.

Once the timer beeped, the technician came over to remove the heater and proceeded to spray on a hair booster. This step is to saturate the hair with all the necessary moisturising and repairing supplements such as amino oil complex, jojoba and avocado oils.

It also provides hydrophobic coating to lock in all the goodness that the hair has now thoroughly imbibed.

Intense heat was then applied via a flat iron, which activates the smooth-control concentrate and completely seals in the various layers applied for manageability, smoothness and vibrant locks.

My colleague brought to my attention small white specks on my hair, which I initially thought to be dandruff (and I was briefly embarrassed). In reality, the technician clarified that those were protein particles that have surfaced due to the presence of high heat – which was a good thing.

She also showed me just how much smoke was emanating from the process, and that’s when I understood why this programme required a dedicated seat in the salon, complete with air vents. It really looked like they were grilling my hair, and I was slightly worried about the long-term damage of the process.

This segment of the programme was the most uncomfortable and I won’t lie; the heat got too much for me at certain parts that I had to kindly ask the technicians at certain points to ease up on the heat and to refrain from getting too close to my scalp.

It was so hot that all of those in that area had to wear face masks to avoid breathing in the fumes.

Thankfully, it was over soon enough, and I went over to the basin to wash my hair once more. Then my hair was blow-dried till semi-dry before having a hyaluronic acid and ceramide-rich injection masque drizzled all over my hair.

It was pretty exciting to see my hair gradually transform before my eyes. It was already proving to be more manageable as the technician ran the comb through my hair in order to ensure the masque was generously and evenly spread throughout my hair.

To round the treatment off, a high performance finishing serum was used to seal in and enhance the intended lasting effects of the treatment as well as provide maximum heat protection.

I also requested a quick trim as I’d been growing my hair for several months now and clearly it was getting out of hand and didn’t have any real shape to it.

To my horror, the technician discovered that the back part of my hair was poorly cut and had now grown out disproportionately. He kindly offered to do what he could to fix it and I was relieved.

After what felt like eternity, the final blow-dry was carried out and I was SO happy to see my hair immensely tame and manicured.

I was silently wondering to myself if this ‘do was going to last more than two days or if it truly was going to last more than 90 days. I had my hopes up.

I was also handed the post-treatment home care kit so that I could enable the effects of the treatment to last as long as possible.

The only things I had to take note of was that I should avoid colouring (or bleaching) my hair and also keep out of chlorinated water if I really wanted to extend the full benefits of the treatment.

Immediately after leaving the salon, it was as if my hair wasn’t my own. I’d never seen my hair that smooth and soft! Of course I had to remind myself that I’d literally just stepped out of the salon, but still, I was already looking forward to frizz-free and smooth hair for the months to come.

I was also thoroughly satisfied with the trim I received, as I instantly noticed how much more balanced my haircut was.

Just be sure to set aside at least three hours (bare minimum!) for the entire process to occur from start to finish, because it’s sure to cause some people impatience if you’re not mentally prepared to sit in a chair for that long.

One Month Later

A month after the treatment, and with diligent use of the products I’d been given, my hair was still as soft, smooth and frizz-free. I could easily air-dry my hair without worrying that it’d turn into a mane, and even my blow-drying time was cut down to barely two minutes!

In fact, I alternated between using the recommended products and my own anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner. I had to because I realise my scalp gets really flaky when I overuse products that are too rich. But even then, the results of the treatment held up.

Three Months Later

Fast forward to about three months later, and the original volume of my thick mane was slowly starting to show up again. However, the hair remained free of unsightly frizz and instead, it’s a soft, wavy bob.

— —

I’m extremely happy with the results of the Hair Botox + Fillers Programme, and even with its steep price, it’s well worth the investment (given it can last for months) and I’m already looking forward to my next treatment. It has allowed me to cut down time (and thought) on how best to style my hair, and I needn’t worry about bad hair days anymore.

Now that I know the potential of what my hair can be, I don’t know if I can ever tolerate the thought of growing out my hair au naturel. I won’t let the Singapore weather win!

Prices: S$380 – S$800 per pax

Chez Vous Salon: 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #05-05, Singapore 238872 | Tel: +65 6732 9388 | Opening hours: (Mon to Fri) 11am – 8.30pm, (Sat) 10.30am – 7pm, (Sun) 11am – 6pm | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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