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BABY-G x Pikachu 25th Special-Edition Anniversary Watch Is A Throwback To The 90s – Available From November 2019

BABY-G celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year by launching a special-edition BABY-G x Pikachu watch in collaboration with The Pokemon Company. This limited BABY-G watch model BGD-560PKC-1JR will be released on November 2019.

The printing of numbers “0:25” on the band loop is inspired by fan-favourite, Pikachu, the 25th Pokemon in the Pokedex. Pokemon aficionados will be attracted to the details on the watch—neon Pikachu lightning marks and Poke Balls stand out from the black watch base, the dial references the original game screen and there’s even Pikachu’s rear-view engraved on the back!

I hear squealing fans already (myself included) knowing that a Polygon-style Pikachu will appear when the watch backlight is turned on. To top off the 90s throwback design, the entire watch comes in a special, life-sized Poke Ball.

Now you’ll be able to carry your Pokemon everywhere with this special-edition launch. Hopefully, they’ll consider doing even more collaborations. We’ve just gotta catch em’ all!

Price: JPY 13,000+ (approximately S$167)

BABY-G x Pikachu 25th Anniversary Watch: Website

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