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Apple’s iOS 13.4 New Memojis Gives You More Ways to Express Yourself

Gone are the days when the only form of being able to gauge someone’s tone through text was the use of emoticons. Fun fact: The word emoticon is a contraction of ’emotional icon’—emoticons were first substantially used in 1982, by American computer scientist Scott E. Fahlman.

Credit – Apple

Emojis first appeared on Japanese mobile phones in the late ’90s and the first modern emojis that we’re all familiar was first recognised in the Unicode Consortium in 2010, three years after an initial proposal to recognise these icons were sent in by a software internationalization team at Google. Nowadays, emojis are very much considered lingua franca of the digital age. And now communication has taken a whole new level with Memojis.

Credit – Apple

Credit – Apple

Memoji stickers were first added to the apple keyboard as part of the iOS 13 update back in September 2019. And now with the upcoming update of iOS 13.4, users can get excited over the new addition of even more Memoji expressions to choose from. The whole slew of expressions include Rolling eyes when you’re annoyed at a co-worker, Screaming in Fear when you have to work weekends, Face with Steam when you’re frustrated with that paltry bonus, and Party Horn, for when it’s weekends baby!

It is amazing how as a culture, we have gone from simple expressions of happiness and dissatisfaction with the original smiley and sad face to nuanced expressions of feeling annoyed or unimpressed with the upcoming Rolling eyes Memoji. If you’re unable to wait for the update to be released to the public, you can sign up for beta testing at Apple’s beta testing website.

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