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Alienware’s Concept UFO Might Rival The Cult Favourite Nintendo Switch

It is well known that the Nintendo Switch took the console gaming market by storm. With almost 37 million units sold worldwide, could Alienware’s Concept UFO handheld gaming PC live up to the Switch’s standards?

Credit: Alienware

Dell’s high-end gaming PC brand, Alienware, unveiled its Concept UFO handheld gaming device during CES 2020, a well known annual consumer electronics show held in the United States.

As implied by its name, this device is a conceptual prototype that may or may not make its debut in the market. As such, Alienware did not provide a price nor a release date.

Even though this device is still a conceptual prototype, its specifications alone already show promise that it may be able to rival the Switch.

Credit: Alienware

Concept UFO specifications

  • 8-inch screen with 1200p resolution
  • Detachable controllers
  • Built-in stand
  • Extra controller grip that turns the detachable controllers into a single controller
  • Runs Windows 10, thus allowing full access to PC games on the go
  • Uses a 10th generation Intel processor
  • Access to WiFi, Bluetooth and Thunderbolt
  • 2 USB-C ports
  • Can be controlled using a keyboard and mouse

Credit: Alienware

With the idea of detachable controllers and overall look of concept UFO, it can be said that Alienware definitely took some inspiration from Nintendo’s Switch.

Based on the specifications, it seems like Concept UFO will be more than just a simple gaming device. Although there is no confirmation whether this prototype will ever be mass-manufactured, it would be interesting to see how Concept UFO will fare if this device were to be made into gaming reality.

Alienware: Website | Twitter

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