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| On 3 years ago

8 Unusual Sheet Masks Available In Singapore For A Novel Skincare Experience

In our pursuit for beautiful, flawless skin, most of us aren’t strangers to sheet face masks. However, have you explored options beyond the ubiquitous ones that come drenched in the serum?

Sure, they get the job done but here are eight unusual sheet masks you can try for a more novel skincare experience.

1. Dr.Jart+ Rubber Mask Clear Lover

I’ve always wanted to give this pricey mask a try ever since Jenn Im recommended using it to combat the usual time-of-the-month breakouts.

The two-step mask comes with a small container of jelly-like ampoule and a rubber mask. The former contains most of the purifying ingredients so slather it on generously before using the latter to lock it all in. Be gentle when retrieving the mask as the rubber material is incredibly prone to tears.

I love how the mask moulded to my face like a second skin and didn’t budge once it was on. While leaving it on for 30 minutes, there was a slight tingling sensation that might’ve been the purifying ingredients working their charm.

Though I didn’t see any visible difference to my zits afterwards, my skin did feel tighter and cleaner.

Price: S$18 | Available at: Various Sephora Outlets/ Online

2. Skin Inc Soothe-n-Purify Black Gold Mask

This mask is one out of three options in the Facial In A Flash series by homegrown skincare brand Skin Inc. The masks in this series all come in two separate sections so you have the option of multi-masking to address different concerns.

The hydrogel mask turned out to be pretty cumbersome as it was so slippery that my colleague had to spend the next fifteen minutes frozen in position, with her head tilted back, just to keep it from sliding off her face.

Similarly, she commented that she felt a tingling sensation which could be due to the detoxifying properties of the mask. However, we didn’t manage to spot any visible difference after she took off the mask and concluded that “Maybe her skin’s a little brighter?”

Price: S$17 | Available at: Various Sephora Outlets/ Online

3. Innisfree Double Fit Lifting Mask (Nourishing)

This mask is separated into two sections to provide nourishment while simultaneously firming the lower portion of your face to bring you closer to that ideal V-shaped jawline.

The upper portion of the mask came in a thin microfiber sheet that adhered to my face nicely and while it was rich in essence, it didn’t drip all over. The bottom portion was a moist hydrogel stretchy-band that had flaps to fit over my ears.

I had mixed feelings about this because I loved the upper portion but had a lot of trouble with the lower portion. It was effective – it had to be as it was literally pulling the lower portion of my face upwards – but the sensation was uncomfortable and a little painful for my ears.

Price: S$5.50 | Available at: Various Innisfree Outlets

4. Innisfree Skin-Reset Peeling Mask (Combination Skin)

This two-step mask requires the user to first use the PHA peeling glove to gently exfoliate the skin before placing the mask on.

My colleague commented that the embossed glove felt very gentle, as though she was just wiping her face with a regular piece of paper. However, it also felt like it wasn’t doing much.

Luckily, the mask was more effective. It appeared to be in a gauze-like material but felt just like a regular mask on the skin. After the fifteen minutes was up, she remarked that her skin felt refreshed and tighter and it did look more glowy.

Price: S$4 | Available at: Various Innisfree Outlets

5. Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet

With these Slice Mask Sheets, you no longer have to sneak fruits and vegetables from the fridge for your skincare needs. Each packet comes with 12 slices of “fruit” soaked in serum.

They’re available in various sizes and different “fruits” come with different scents. There’s more than enough to fit your face so just use the leftovers for other parts like your neck!

My Editor tried the Cucumber, Lemon and Watermelon masks and concluded that the cucumber one was her favourite as it felt really refreshing.

The best part was that there was just enough product to hydrate the skin without any excess left that you’ll need to wash off, thus, none of that icky feeling from any leftover serum.

Price: S$6 | Available at: Kocostar

6. SNP Gentle Girl Mask Pack (No. 03 Bad Boy)

This mask is designed to deliver plain ol’ hydration but, it appeared that the novel design was a big turn-off because no one in the office was willing to put it on.

My very unhappy colleague got the short end of the stick and ended up as tribute. To add insult to injury, the mask was probably too large for his face and he struggled with (before giving up on) aligning it to his features.

This was the icky type of mask that was soaked in serum and dripped all over. Admittedly, his face looked a little smoother afterwards but it also appeared to be more like a punishment than a relaxing skincare session for him.

Price: S$3.90 | Available at: Various Watsons Outlets

7. COSRX One Step Moisture Up Kit

This nifty packet is the perfect morning pick-me-up for your skin! You can ditch all your usual morning skincare products because this packet comes with COSRX’s cult favourite Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, a One Step Moisture Up Pad and a Holy Moly Snail Mask.

It’s not very clear in this photo but the mask came as a pleasant surprise because it was in this pretty shade of coral pink.

For the price, this set is really worth the purchase, especially if you want to try out COSRX’s items without committing to the full-size products. I just wish the mask had absorbed the serum better because it was dripping everywhere.

Price: S$6.90 | Available at: Various Watsons Outlets

8. DIY Miniso Mask

Adorable packaging aside, this mask is really versatile because you get to customise the serum that goes onto your face!

You can use your existing toners and moisturisers or have some fun trying out online tutorials and whipping up your own essences. The paper mask just serves as a way for it to sink into your skin better.

Though the paper sheet mask itself was nothing special, it was fun seeing it expanding immediately upon contact with my toner! (#cheapthrills, literally)

Price: S$ 2.90 | Available at: Various Miniso Outlets

— —

Have any of the masks on this list taken your fancy? Some of them are perfect for a relaxing me-time skincare session while others are sure to provide laughs when you try them on with some friends.

Finally, shout out to my colleagues for being game for the impromptu in-office facial and giving their firsthand thoughts on whether these were effective!

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