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| On 4 months ago

5 Retailers That Champion Androgynous Silhouettes

I am so happy to live in a time where gender and sexuality are not simply defined by either or but rather on a spectrum. Gone are the days when women are confined to skirts and men to trousers. Even though social constructs of how a certain gender should behave or dress still exist, I am confident that given the current progressiveness of youth, limiting specific silhouettes to specific genders will be a thing of the past.

How you present yourself is important. From body modifications such as piercings and tattoos to the way you dress, we’re constantly presenting visual cues to evoke certain energies or impression to those who perceive us. And for those who prefer ambiguity in the way they dress, we can contently clothe ourselves in androgynous silhouettes.

Truly, the beauty of androgyny is that it is a mixture of feminine and masculine characteristics morphed into one. Of course, this piece is not here to discount the androgyny condition—where an individual has fully developed sexual organs of both sexes. But rather I strive to pay tribute to those who have fought so hard for our freedom to express ourselves beyond bounds.

And now with retailers being more inclusive with their designs than ever, it’s easier to dress the way you identify. Here are five of the many retailers that can help you easily achieve that androgynous look.

1. Kirrin Finch

Established in 2015, Kirrin Finch is a New York-based brand that makes menswear-inspired clothes designed to fit a range of female and non-binary bodies. Birthed out of the frustration that is being unable to find button-up shirts that fit a woman’s body properly, Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat decided to take matters into their own hands and created the clothes that they wanted to wear.

Credit – Kirrin Finch

Made out of 100% organic cotton, the Graham shirt is constructed with high-quality Japanese fabric and has a nine button front—a special feature that aims to lessen the chance of the shirt having a boob gape. If you’re a female who’s frustrated with the inevitable boob gape of every button-up shirt, make the switch to this Graham shirt and never worry about awkward holes near your chest ever again.

Blazers are a must-have for any formal setting. This Brown Tweed Blazer is covered in a herringbone pattern which gives texture to the blazer. What I love about this piece is that the material is made out of eco-friendly recycled wool and you know that quality is assured with it being made in Italy.

Shop Shirt Here | Shop Blazer Here

Kirrin Finch | Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. COS

COS is a minimalist fashion brand that sells timeless pieces in subdued shades of neutral. Part of the H&M family of brands, COS is known for its beautiful designs that both men and women can pull off. Often regarded as the go-to brand for all things androgynous, COS’s designs are functional and innovative.

Credit – COS

This Zipped Mock Neck T-Shirt is perfect if you’re looking to stray away from the typical crew neck t-shirt. Made out of a mixture of cotton, polyamide, and elastane, this piece is machine washable and easy to style with its neutral tone of beige. This shirt can go from formal to casual in a matter of seconds with the simple action of unzipping the zip.

Jumpsuits are the best thing to don when you’re not in the mood to think about what you want to wear. This short-sleeved cotton mix jumpsuit has a beautiful mandarin collar and four functional pockets for all your everyday necessities. It also comes with an elastic waistband at the back for a more flattering shape in case you worry about look a little bit frumpy.

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COS | Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Gender Free World

Gender Free World (GFW)—clothing without labels—was founded in 2015. The main objective of GFW is not to totally discredit the importance of gender distinctions in modern society, but rather provide a solution for those who do not identify as either gender and to provide clothes for those who simply do not want to dress in traditional gender silhouettes.

Credit – Gender Free World

One thing we might overlook when considering an androgynous look is what lies under the clothes that we wear on the outside. Gender-free underwear is especially important for those who don’t dress in an androgynous manner for the sake of fashion, but because they truly do identify as androgynous or gender-fluid. Underwear is highly gendered and for someone who does not identify as either, finding a pair of intimates that they can truly identify with is important.

Spice up your button-up game with a mandarin collar. This linen blue shirt will not only keep you cool but also comes in three different body shapes for the utmost optimal fit—we love body inclusive tops in this house.

Shop Underwear Here | Shop Button Up Here

Gender Free World | Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. JD Sports

Sportswear is so versatile. The beauty of athleisure is that you can easily dress it up with a pair of smart trousers or go super casual with a pair of shorts and slides. Another thing about sportswear is its typical genderless shape, allowing anyone to feel comfortable in their clothes.

Credit – JD Sports

Coined the Nike Essential Logo Boyfriend T-Shirt—what I think is the best feature of this shirt is the oversized cut of it. Details are minimal with this piece, the ribbed collar of this crew neck adds texture to the overall material of the shirt and the small but significant embroidered white tick is perfect for those who prefer subtle branding on their clothes.

Enough with the classic sweatpant, have the best of both worlds with these Nike Grid Cargo Pants. Made out of a French terry blend of cotton and polyester, these pants are soft, comfortable and utilitarian. With two large pockets on the side, you’ll have enough space to carry all your essentials, no need to lug out a bag when you’re out and about.

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JD Sports | Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Net-a-porter

This luxury retailer is full of androgynous clothing given the obsession designer-brands have with the creativity they can apply to such a versatile silhouette. Personally, I think the higher price point on these garbs is definitely justifiable for the uncompromisable production quality.

Credit – Net-a-porter

Appropriately called Yaas, this bowling shirt inspired top has a loose fit and is made out of mid-weight knitted cotton. With buttons made out mother-of-pearl, this top does not scream but rather whispers luxury. The colour blocking on this top is gorgeous and unique, I would never think to pair baby pink and forest green together.

These Isselin Stella pants are perfect for those who want to stray far from the usually fitted suit trouser. These pants are made from a linen-blend which would be perfect for humid Singapore. The contrasting pin-stirpes and soft pleats at the front give these bottoms some dimension and character to the otherwise loose looking wide-leg pants.

Shop Top Here | Shop Bottoms Here

Net-a-porter | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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