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11 Must-Follow Asian Cityscape & Landscape Instagrammers Who Will Ignite Your Wanderlust

Who doesn’t enjoy travelling? The notion of exploring new places and discovering new things is enough to get me excited. But as much as I want to sate my globe-trekking desires, I, like many others, am plagued with the undeniable predicament of being broke af.

Interestingly, I find respite trawling through the dozens of Instagram photographers’ profiles which document the various majestic cityscapes and landscapes around the globe.

Here are 11 Asian city and landscape photographers who you should follow on Instagram to nourish, sate and maybe rekindle your wanderlust desires.

— Singapore —

1. @darrensohphoto

I chanced upon Darren Soh‘s Instagram profile by accident, and I daresay it was a lucky find. This award-winning photographer has worked with big brands, such as Adidas, Apple Asia, Vogue Germany to list a few, and his feed is filled with several gorgeous cityscapes of our very own lion city.

My favourites? Definitely, his collages.

2. @j.osh

Singapore-based photographer, Josh, travels a lot and in doing so, he journals some of his travels onto his Instagram feed. Of his many posts and varied styles (symmetry and mirroring, to list a few), one particular style seems to stand out — aerial photography.

Vivid, panoramic and wholly stunning, his drone shots are bound to bewitch you.

— South Korea —

3. @seoul_stateofmind

Undoubtedly one of South Korea’s most popular Instagrammers, photographer Ken Lum Lee goes around capturing charming moments in Seoul’s urban and rural areas.

Scrolling through his feed, you’ll come to realise that there’s more than meets the eye as each picture portrays a story waiting to be told.

4. @jjuese

Jusung Hyung‘s Instagram feed may not be as popular as the others listed here. But don’t let his minuscule sphere of followers fool you.

His feed documents a lot of motion and subtle human interaction, all the while set in some of his country’s hectic streets and clustered city spaces.

— Taiwan —

5. @penguinkao

Penguin Kao documents his travels around Taiwan with light-hearted effervescence. While his Instagram feed does not feature much cityscape photography, the pictures of his rural escapades yield a distinct charm that can captivate and ensnare almost anyone. (I know because I am guilty of scrolling through all his photos in one sitting.)

— Hong Kong —

6. @harimaolee

We all know that Hong Kong is one of the world’s busiest cities. Simon Lee has a knack for vividly capturing Hong Kong’s exuberance albeit sometimes dangerously. With daring models who are willing to stand or sit on the edges of the roofs, Simon’s rooftop photography really stands out.

Unless you have balls of steel and a permit, don’t even think of emulating his feats.

7. @vdubl

Trained as an architect in the States and Canada, Hong Kong-based photographer Vivien Liu specialises in portraying space as if viewed through the first person. Her feed features gorgeous scenes and engrossing visuals of Hong Kong’s urban density and architecture.

— Japan —

8. @_tuck4

Beyond its neon-infused streets brimming with confused tourists and affable locals, Japan’s unique blend of modernism and old world charm will haunt you. Takashi Yasui has a penchant for recording Japan’s ever-changing vivacity.

His feed boasts pictures overflowing with stunning colours, contrast, and, at times, a quiet dissonance.

9. @hirozzzz

Hiroaki Fukuda found his love for photography in New York City. The Tokyo-based photographer used to feature iPhone photography but he has since moved on and now wields a DSLR.

The avid traveller has also worked with big brands, such as Dior, Mercedes Benz, and CITIZEN to name a few. His Instagram feed, however, features mostly pictures from picturesque places in Japan.

— China —

10. @sleepingforest1226

Aaron Zhou has a flair for aerial and rooftop photography. Trawling through his Instagram feed, you’d come to notice his knack for freezing Shanghai’s hustle and bustle and documenting it from a higher perspective.

— Thailand —

11. @bkbnbkk

Bangkok’s streets and roads are always thronging with a myriad of activities. Taking frequent escapades around the city that seemingly never sleeps, BricK‘s Instagram feed is an accurate documentary of all that energy.

With an aptitude for high-exposure shots, you’ll come to fall in love with BricK’s style of capturing all that exuberance.

— —

I’m pretty sure there are more amazing photographers out there just waiting to have their work appreciated. Do leave a comment and tell us who you think is worth a mention!

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