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10 Tattoo Ideas For Some Inspiration If You’re Getting Inked For The First Time

Tattoos are pretty cool, aren’t they? I mean, they still might be a taboo among our society, but since when do you care about what other people think?

I guess it’s also due to the fact that celebrities like Adam Levine, Bieber and Rihanna are wearing tattoos as a fashion statement; I get that the tattoos might have a meaning behind them, but I feel like they also serve as a fashion “accessory”.

If you’re looking to get your first ever tattoo anytime soon, here are 10 tattoo ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Script Tattoos

Probably one of the most “basic” type of tattoos, script is a very popular choice for people who are thinking of getting inked for the first time, and for good reason too.

They’re simple yet elegant tattoos, and every one is unique, depending on the different handwritings. It’s quite a discreet tattoo too, so it’s perfect if you don’t want to go all out on the first attempt.

You could ink a quote that inspires you, or a name that forever holds a special place in your heart (please ah, don’t put your current bf/gf’s name.)

One local tattoo artist who is a master at handwritten scripts is Jen Tan at Tatty Catty Tattoo Hut. She’s also very proficient in sketch-like and illustrative tattoos, so hit her up!

Jen’s Instagram: @jenxtattoos

2. Cartoonish Tattoos

Life can get too serious sometimes, so why not get a whimsical and cute tattoo to add some sunshine into your life?

A unicorn on your forearm might work. Or perhaps something like a meditating bulldog like the one above instead?

One tattoo artist who’s good at these cartoonish tattoos is Victoria Woon, and the photos above are her previous works. Check out her Instagram to get an idea of what she can do.

Victoria’s Instagram: @hellotako

3. Portrait Tattoos

Getting a tattoo of a person’s face on your body might be a little intense for a first tattoo, but maybe that’s how you roll. Besides, it can just be small one that doesn’t cover your whole back.

I know people who’ve gotten tattoos of their late grandmothers. Famous fictional characters are also good choices; for example Darth Vader if you like Star Wars. Then, the force will always be with you.

4. Flower Tattoos

Feminine and sweet-looking, flowers are always a great choice for your first ink if you’re a female. You can also inject some colours into the art to make it pop.

A great place to tattoo flowers is on the thighs or a smaller one on your wrist/ ear. Check out this helix tattoo if you like what you see!

5. Animal Tattoos

Have you seen The Rock’s new and updated bull tattoo on his right shoulder? Yes, that fierce and unbelievably awesome tattoo.

If cute little animals aren’t your thing, perhaps a fearsome lion or wolf will do the trick. These super realistic tattoos can be very majestic if done right.

Tattoo artist Elvin is the guy for the job if you’re going for something like a king-like tiger tattoo. A scroll through his Facebook will show you the incredible skills that he has.

Elvin’s Facebook: @Elvintattooart

6. Fantasy Tattoos

A fiery phoenix rising from the ashes is always cool. Mythical characters and figures bring out a sort of magic in your tattoo; they’re often extravagant and complex works of art.

Does an orc in knight’s armour sound cool to you? I sure think so.

7. Oriental Tattoos

Being from Singapore, of course we have to represent dat Asian culture. The vibrant colours and intricacy of oriental tattoos definitely make for head-turners.

I’m not talking about full-body Yakuza type of tattoos though; that would be quite insane for your first ink. Instead, you know what would look very regal? A classic Chinese dragon tat. 

8. Geometric Tattoos

This is a new-age, modern type of tattoo, making use of lines and shapes to create beautiful pieces of art.

You can stretch your imagination and combine the geometric elements with other things like animals, rockets, or mountains even. But you’re going to need a talented artist to help you turn your imagination into reality.

Jared Asalli from Fingers Crossed Studio specialises in dot work, sketchy designs, and of course, geometry. He focuses on black and grey tattoos, and his Instagram feed showcases a lot of his wonderful pieces.

Jared’s Instagram: @jared_asalli

9. Blackout Tattoos

This is an unorthodox and bold tattoo choice. You’re basically covering certain areas of your skin with jet-black ink, which is a pretty unique style of tattoo.

It gives off a really mysterious vibe… I guess black will always be the new black.

An artist by the name of Chester Lee is very well known for this style of blackout tattoos. A quick Google search of his name will tell you how popular this guy is. He loves black so much, that even his eyeballs are tattooed black; you know this guy is serious about his craft.

Chester’s Instagram: @oddtattooer

10. Tiny/Minimalistic Tattoos

A lot of people like things to be clean and simple nowadays. Less is more, isn’t it?

If you’re on the fence about whether you should get inked or not, then maybe the thought of a mini tattoo will help you come to a decision. It’s small, discreet, and simple, meaning no ragrets.

You can get one on your ankle, at the top of your back, or if you’re daring, behind the ear. Common ones tend to be of an anchor, a palm tree, a feather, or a tiny sparrow.

— —

I believe that the thought of getting a tattoo has crossed many of our minds on more than one occasion. I guess it’s how our community has evolved and changed over time; someone with tattoos in the past would probably be called an ah beng or ah lian, but that’s definitely not the case now.

In fact, you’d probably be showered with compliments if your tattoo is very well done. With that said though, I’m not rushing you to go get inked right now. A tattoo is a lifelong commitment so you better think long and hard about it.

But once you’re done with the thinking, know that there’re many local tattoo artists ready to transform your thoughts into art.

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