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10 Most Gorgeous Airbnbs In Singapore Right Now For Short-Term Stays

While Singapore has plenty of beautiful hotels, often, these spaces can’t beat the convenience of having your own place, especially if you’re looking at an occupancy of at least several months.

People tend to think of Airbnbs as the go-to option in that scenario, but with a new ruling out as of late 2017 (which states that local private homes “are subject to a minimum stay of three consecutive months”), hopeful renters need to be careful.

Here’s a list of the 10 most gorgeous Airbnbs in Singapore right now if you’re one of the lucky ones planning to stay for awhile (and can afford it). Everyone else left lusting with us, scroll to the end cos there’s still hope with #1!

10. Beautifully Decorated, No-Frills Private Room In Katong

The cheapest of the lot is this private room in an apartment in Katong. This no-frills room comes equipped with a king-sized bed and two pull-out single beds.

Though the interior decor veers towards being more minimal, little touches like having an ornate mirror by the entrance and the detailing on the bed sheets add some cosiness to the space.

As you’ll be sharing the apartment with other guests, don’t be alarmed if you spot some unfamiliar faces in the common spaces! However, with a total of four bathrooms in the apartment, there shouldn’t be any fights over anyone hogging the restrooms.

Priced affordably below S$70 a night, this place is great for those who want to keep things within budget.

Cost per night: about S$64 | Airbnb listing

9. Monochromatic Private Room In A Classy Bugis Apartment

Clad in contrasting shades of dark wooden flooring and white furnishings, this bedroom resembles a stylish bachelor’s pad.

The little pots of plants scattered around the room add a refreshing touch and softens the look of the place. Meanwhile, the queen-sized bed is just inviting you to sink in. Why leave when you can lounge in bed and catch up on some TV shows?

The apartment belongs to a photographer, whom you’ll be sharing the common areas with, which explains why the interior is so aesthetically pleasing. The host loves meeting new people and you’re more than welcome to leave a memento in the form of a Polaroid picture!

Cost per night: about S$100 | Airbnb listing

8. Stylish One-Bedroom Condominium Apartment In Farrer Park

Beautifully decorated with homely wooden furniture and hints of brass and gold textures, you’ll probably opt for food deliveries rather than leave this one-bedroom apartment. Or, make use of the fully-equipped kitchen and have some breakfast in the king-sized bed!

The trinkets strewn around the apartment add a personal touch that makes a guest feel right at home. Little homely touches like this are the reason why I’m always opting for Airbnbs rather than hotels.

Another reason for getting your feet out the door is that there’s a swimming pool and jacuzzis waiting for you outside. Can’t make it that far? Lounge at the large sheltered balcony area instead.

Conversely, if you feel like you’re relaxing too much and need to do a little hustling, hit the gym instead!

Cost per night: about S$140 | Airbnb listing

7. Private Master Suite In A Penthouse Condo In East Coast

This apartment’s bright, airy and spacious. Though you’ll be staying with the family in their penthouse condo, you’ll have the second floor all to yourself so privacy is guaranteed.

The entire space is beautifully furnished with thought and care to provide maximum comfort.

For dog-lovers out there, the additional bonus is that you’ll have a chance to play with the family’s adorable dog, Keisha. But if you’re afraid of dogs, don’t worry as Keisha’s trained to not roam the second floor.

Marble countertops and a tub? Yes please!

Choose to bask in the sunlight at their outdoor balcony or lounge in the tub. Either way, you’re in for a relaxing time.

Cost per night: about S$105 | Airbnb listing

6. Safari Colonial-Themed Loft In A Shophouse In Jalan Besar

High ceilings coupled with an eclectic blend of rustic furniture and lush greenery await you at this third-floor shophouse apartment. The queen-sized bed dominates the room and welcomes you into its fluffy embrace. Flick through shows on Netflix before falling into a peaceful slumber.

Meanwhile, the antique four-post teak wood daybed is great for a chill morning. This charming place makes you feel as though you’re in a tropical paradise. I can imagine always feeling at peace if I’m staying in a place like this.

Do note that the loft is housed in a shophouse that has several other apartments. While the third floor will be entirely yours, the eclectically-furnished foyer, laundry area and kitchen will be shared.

Cost per night: about S$121 | Airbnb listing

5. Elegant Kinfolk-Style Loft In A Jalan Besar Shophouse

One look at this dreamy apartment was enough to completely capture my heart.

With its wooden floors, high ceilings, large bed with fluffy white sheets, white rug, marble coffee table and hints of greenery… this room looks like it belongs on the pages of a Kinfolk magazine.

Though I adore how the room looks like in the day, flooded with natural light, it’s equally cosy at night with the warm glow from the dangling pendant lights.

This loft is housed in the same shophouse as the above listing so do note that shared spaces will be the same!

Cost per night: about S$126 | Airbnb listing

4. Luxe Studio Roof Terrace Apartment In Outram

An exposed red brick wall (see third pic below) and slate grey concrete walls add a touch of industrial chic to this studio apartment.

As if the interior isn’t spacious enough, step through the glass doors and you’ll find a huge outdoor terrace waiting for you. The outdoor kitchenette is fully furnished for you to prep any meals.

Or, if you’re not inclined to get your hands dirty on a vacation, you can enjoy 20% off the on-site food operators which includes an authentic Italian gastro bar.

Besides luxe decorations, the host has even included a rain shower and Ashley & Co. toiletries for guests to indulge in.

Cost per night: about S$180 | Airbnb listing

3. Airy Martinique Loft In A Jalan Besar Shophouse

I know, it’s yet another shophouse loft. But, these shophouse apartments are amongst some of the most beautifully furnished apartments available on Airbnb! Each apartment is designed around a central theme and this one is reminiscent of a tropical island.

This is my idea of a tropical paradise, minus the insects and stifling hot temperatures.

An en-suite bathroom and kitchenette complete the apartment — perfect for occupants to feel right at home during their stay.

What better way to wake up than to soft sunlight streaming in from the large windows? There’s even a dedicated area for you to lounge and chit chat at.

Cost per night: about S$130 | Airbnb listing

2. Chic Moroccan-Style Loft In A Shophouse In Jalan Besar

The cream of the crop is this fully-furnished Moroccan-style apartment housed in a shophouse in the bustling Jalan Besar district. Fully resplendent in warm-toned furniture and decorations, there’s not an inch of space that isn’t incredibly charming.

Netflix is available so you can enjoy a never-ending stream of entertainment while cuddling in the plush bed that’s decked out with an abundance of pillows.

The plush rug, rattan chair and weaved lampshades add a vintage element to the space that only increases its vintage charm.

Cost per night: about S$120 | Airbnb listing

1. Glamping In A Picture-Perfect Tent At East Coast Park

Bonus! Singaporeans, if looking at this list has got you lusting for a staycation at some beautiful place, this will be perfect. Renting this glamping tent at ECP is completely fine as it’s not a private home and you’ll get to doze off to the sound of crashing waves and be lulled to sleep by the sea breeze.

It might not be the most comfortable getaway but hey, being able to stargaze right at the entrance of the tent makes up for it, right? Also, don’t fret about having to really rough it out as your tent comes fitted with a double bed and beautiful bohemian decorations.

Showers and toilet facilities aren’t included in your tent, of course, but the public toilet is located nearby. This staycation will be perfect for those seeking a break away from the concrete jungle.

Cost per night: about S$180 | Airbnb listing

— —

There you have it, the 10 most beautiful spaces available on Airbnb Singapore right now. All of them are dreamy, comfy and fully-equipped.

It’s a little sad that locals can’t rent any (other than #1) for a staycation but the law is there to protect the rights of residents. Perhaps a compromise can be worked out some time in future?

Prices: S$64 – S$180 per night

Airbnb Singapore: Website

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*This article has been edited to reflect the ruling regarding short-term tenancies of private homes in Singapore.

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