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10 Korean Street-Style Brands That Will Up Your Street Cred Without Breaking The Bank (Yet)

Big international brands like Off-White, Supreme, and Gucci don’t need any introduction (and cost wayyy more than most of us can afford). It’s time to give some other street-style brands a shout out! And we think Korea is a good place to start.

Some of these Korean brands may be lesser-known or even unheard of, but there are indeed celebrities who don these apparels, and look pretty darn good rep-pin’ them.

With the ever-increasing hype over the street-style scene, limiting the number of pieces released has turned into a strategic marketing concept where pieces get resold at many times more than the retail price.

I sorted through these brands that carry similar styles and are only in the infant stages; before the hype wave catches up to them. Check out these 10 up-and-coming Korean street-style brands, and nab some apparel while prices are still A LOT more affordable!

1. Cres E Dim

Cres E Dim‘s name is a take on the musical term “Crescendo E Diminuendo” which means “getting softer gradually”. This philosophy is seen in the clothing style through layering and silhouettes.

If you prefer a more toned-down version, Hong Bum Kim (the designer) has another line called Dim E Cres. It can be found together in the same online store as Cres E Dim. See anything you like? Browse through their starkly coloured theme on Instagram.

Cres E Dim: Website | Facebook

2. Kichwork

Although the online store features mainly girls in the apparels, Kichwork is a unisex brand. Their latest 2018 Spring/Summer Collection features bright and bold hues compared to the dark and elusive Fall/Winter Collection.

Switch your wardrobe up for this upcoming summer with a swatch of their multi-coloured palette. Don’t be afraid to let loose your bolder and edgier side!

Kichwork: Website | Facebook

3. Ader Error

Ader Error has a huge following on Instagram, boasting 389,000 followers. Their recent collaboration with Maison Kitsune also brought Korean fashion brands into the spotlight of the industry.

This season, Ader Error has taken an eccentric approach to the oversized fit such as the can’t-be-missed stitching across the round collared neck in their Neck Aewing T-Shirt. Too bold? Fashion is all about making bold moves to stand out!

Ader Error: Website | Facebook

4. Hyein Seo

Hyein Seo’s website seems to only cater to women. And not just any other kind of women either; Hyein Seo is a personal stylist to Rihanna which explains the seemingly rebellious vibe behind the brand’s style. This isn’t an issue for the gentlemen though, as her pieces are unisex.

Their latest lookbook named “Deliver Us From Evil” follows the gothic theme with gifs that liken to that of Tumblr. Tumblr users, you know what I mean!

A personal photoshoot featuring some of these pieces may push your Instagram game up a notch (and level up your street cred)!

Hyein Seo: Website | Facebook

5. Kye

Kye‘s philosophy behind their clothing is to intertwine fun and humour into their products. Having past collaborations with Shu Uemera and Adidas isn’t all that they can boast about – people like Kourtney Kardashian, G-Dragon and Irene Kim have tried on their fair share of Kye too.

Kye boasts pastel-centric clothes that are pleasing to the eye. Plunge into this pastel aesthetic with the band Lany’s Pink Skies and the warm colours of the sunset.

Kye: Website | Facebook

6. Nohant

Nohant is inspired by the French way of creating pieces that contain a modern, timeless aesthetic. They focus on being a unisex brand that’s ready-to-wear. This year’s S/S drop was retro with a contemporary twist. The typical black-and-white stripe pattern was reimagined, infusing contrasting stripe sizes together.

The LONELY/LOVELY brand signature was made popular through the media, with Barbara Palvin being one of the brand’s biggest fans.

Shop for Nohant at wconcept as their main website may be a little difficult to navigate since it’s in Korean.

Nohant: Website | Facebook

7. thisisneverthat

Having recently unveiled their SS18 collection, thisisneverthat infuses retro style into an outdoor-centric collection named adventurer with their Fishing hiking hat (approx. S$73.54) that strikes really well with the theme.

Welcome back the retro age of tri-coloured stripes, checkered bottoms and the nostalgic orange of DHL’s logo. If #throwbackthursdays is your thing, their online store still boasts items from their past seasons.

The items still follow the scheme of being brightly-coloured, with heavy accents on the typography of their brand name.

thisisneverthat: Website | Facebook

8. 13 Month

13 Month‘s latest S/S 2018 collection is named Serious Child, inspired by the timeless age where kids imitate adults. Combining street style and a retro backdrop, and applying a unisex cut, we get a mix of their overall style.

In conjunction with this release, their Hot Summer’s collection titled In Order was launched too. This collection encapsulates the Gosha Rubchinsky aesthetic. The mellow tones and dull backdrop resonates with post-Russian Revolution fashion.

Take your pick from their expansive range of styles!

13 Month: Website | Facebook

9. Rocket x Lunch

Rocket x Lunch‘s latest lookbook has brilliantly incorporated a playful mix of pastel colours with quirky cuts, yet still providing a sense of professionalism.

If being neat and tidy doesn’t suit you, feel free to browse their F/W 2017 lookbook, inspired by youths taking a rebellious stance in our ever-changing society, refusing to let the world curate their lifestyles.

They say fashion is meant for people to express their individualism: to those who are cheeky and impish, this is the brand for you!

Rocket x Lunch: Website | Facebook

10. 87mm Seoul

Founded by top-tier male models, Won Joong Kim and Jiwoon Park, 87mm Seoul carries three sub-labels; 87mm Seoul, MMLG and MO (Think Armani and its three tiers of branding.)

It aims to provide flexible and soft clothing besides focussing on just the aesthetics. Expect the oversized and loose-fitting style that Kanye has.

87mm Seoul: Website | Facebook

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Say annyeong to your old clothes and welcome these Koreans street-style pieces into your life!

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