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10 Fashion Items You Need To Rock To Become A True Basic B*tch

I’m not shy about being a basic b*tch. I mean fashion-wise, not character-wise. As derogatory as the term ‘basic b*tch’ sounds, basic dressing boasts some of the most comfortable fashion wear and makes it the easiest to be confident in. 

It’s also all about practicality and durability. Most basic b*tch dressing gets you the best deal for your money and features some pretty timeless and simple staples.  

Here are 10 fashion items that characteristically make up a basic b*tchand if you’re not sure if you fall into this category, see if you can tick off all the boxes below. NO SHAME!

(P.S. List is not exhaustive. Basic b*tches always have new trends.)

1. Baseball Cap ✓

Black baseball caps are every basic b*tch’s essential go-to. It’s the best solution to a bad hair day or bed hair in the mornings. Complete your OOTD with a matching lipstick and you’re good to go.

Where To Get Basic B*tch Item: Brandy Melville, Abercrombie & Fitch, Baseball Cap Stores, Urban Outfitters 

2. Crew Neck Tee ✓

The most fuss-free item every basic b*tch needs in her wardrobe. It could be a crop top or a well-fitted crew neck tee — get it in simple colours (like white and black) and pull it off effortlessly with ripped shorts or cropped trousers.

To find the perfect fit, simply get the top that cuts slim through the torso with sleeves that are capped or close to the arms, and with a neckline that’s close to your collarbone. 

Where To Get Basic B*tch Item: Abercrombie & Fitch BasicsMuji , H&M, Forever 21, Factorie

3. T-Shirt Dress ✓

This screams the essence of basic b*tch dressing: practical and durable. It’s the most comfortable must-have in a basic b*tch wardrobe. With some light makeup, you are ready for smart casual occasions.

Remember to get the perfect cut where it isn’t too long, ending about mid-thigh to achieve that basic b*tch look.

Where To Get Basic B*tch Item: The Editor’s Market, The Closet Lover, Ninth Collective, Muji, LBR

4. Choker ✓

The mother of all basic b*tch accessories to be paired with v-neck cuts or off-shoulder tops that accentuate the collar bones and neck line. You need one of these jewellery essentials to rock the 90s look basic b*tch style.

Nail the outfit with mono-coloured chokers or delicate chains with retro charm pendants. You could also experiment with antique lace and statement velvet collars. They instantly spice up any plain tops or dresses.

Where To Get Basic B*tch Item: Brandy Melville, Lovisa, H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters

5. Off The Shoulder Top ✓

To pull off an effortlessly chic and formal look and yet stay true to the basic b*tch style, get this for your wardrobe. The confidence in donning this top comes from showing off those broad shoulders and collar bones of yours.

I like mine in simple and plain colours but checkered patterns also do the job. Florals for me is a no-no though. (Up to you honestly, a basic b*tch dictates her own style and werks it well)

Where To Get Basic B*tch Item: Abercrombie & Fitch, The Editor’s Market, The Closet Lover, LBR, Urban Outfitters

6. Oversized T-shirt ✓

It’s the trend these days to grab one of your boyfriend’s tees after a lazy weekend afternoon in and immediately turn it into a casual weekend outfit.

Don’t fret if you’re single, the over-sized tee is hot in the market now to feed all your basic b*tch needs; Simply get your favourite shirt in one or two sizes larger than what actually fits well.

Wear it with high-waisted pants or with tights and sneakers to achieve a holistic pre-flight OOTD. Come on, we all know that Changi Airport selfie wasn’t #Iwokeuplikethis.

Where To Get Basic B*tch Item: All Mainstream Fashion Stores (H&M, Forever 21 etc.)

7. Daniel Wellington Watch ✓

It’s everywhere on your Instagram feed nowadays but you don’t have to be an influencer to rock this watch with your basic b*tch outfit. I love the minimalist look and the watch’s durability with its singular-coloured leather strap that will pair effortlessly well with anything.

Don’t be shy to get a matching couple watch from DW too. It doesn’t make your boyfriend ‘basic’ (not really anyway).

Where To Get Basic B*tch Item: Daniel Wellington

8. White Sneakers ✓

You can’t be truly basic if you don’t own a pair of white sneakers (Stan Smiths in particular). This tennis-court inspired style now serves as a timeless and quintessential piece for your wardrobe.

Wear them with jeans and a casual sweatshirt or use them as an unexpected twist to a fancy skirt or dress. You can also opt for the original canvas Keds or the mainstream white sneakers available at almost every shoe shop. 

Where To Get Basic B*tch Item: Superga, Adidas Stan Smiths, Nike, Converse

9. Denim Skirt ✓

This is a must-have bottom to complete any basic b*tch outfit. Get it well-fitted and ending mid-thigh or right above your knees to rock that denim look.

I love how comfortable and easy it is to wear — making it my go-to bottoms for running errands or smart casual occasions.

Where To Get Basic B*tch Item: The Editor’s Market, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch

10. Sandals ✓

For the basic b*tch sandals (other than Havaianas flip-flops), go for the Birkenstock lookalikes. Pair them with boyfriend jeans or your everyday shorts to achieve that casual and simple look.

Heading to the beach? Going to the mall? Making a trip down to the MRT station to meet your Carousell buyer to sell off your pre-loved basic b*tch staples?

These sandals will do the trick.

Where To Get Basic B*tch Item: Ezbuy, Asos, Zalora, Everlast

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