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10 Easy-To-Match Sneakers Under S$150 So You Won’t Go Broke Looking Good

Have you ever put on an entire outfit at home, gone to stand in front of the mirror and realised something is lacking? Then, when you step out of the house with some shoes on, you notice that the ensemble feels complete now.

It’s the shoes, man! Here’s how I see it: what you wear on your feet basically makes up more than 50% of your entire outfit. You can be wearing a white tablecloth, but if your shoes look good, you look good.

But sneakers don’t come cheap nowadays, with prices easily reaching upwards of S$200. And don’t you even start thinking about buying that Gucci snake sneaker.

However, if you dig around enough, there are certain gems in the sneaker world where the shoe looks great and the price tag won’t put a frown on your face.

With all the discounts that you can find on online stores, here are 10 easy-to-match kicks which you can get for under S$150 to make you feel like a supermodel, even if you aren’t paid like one.

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 Low Top

How can we not start this list off with a brand that has more than a century of history, with one of the most iconic sneakers of all time? This low top version of the signature Chuck Taylor All Star is the perfect shoe for the summer.

If you want sneakers with a timeless and classic design, and still be able to afford some McDonald’s later on, this is the shoe to get.

Price: approx. S$99.90

2. Adidas Originals Superstar

Before Yeezys and NMDs, there was the Adidas Superstar, and it is truly a shoe that gained celebrity status.

Initially a basketball shoe, it was worn by many NBA players, but it eventually crossed over onto the streets. Known for the “shell toe” design, it was made famous by rap group Run-DMC in the 1980s, as they were frequently seen rocking the Superstars.

Get yourself a sneaker that literally makes you a superstar.

Price: approx. S$140

3. Vans Old Skool

In 1977, the Vans Old Skool first revealed itself to the skating world, and was an instant hit.

It was the company’s first shoe to feature leather panels in order to withstand the beatings of a skater. It made the shoe more durable and so naturally, people loved them.

The stripe on the side of the shoe is known as a “jazz stripe”, which is now a distinct aesthetic of a pair of Old Skool.

You can find them at discounted prices on sites like Lazada and ASOS.

Price: approx. S$89

4. Puma Clyde

Anyone familiar with New York basketball would know that NBA star Walt Frazier made this sneaker blow up in the 70s. Originally released in 1973, the sneaker was unique as a basketball shoe at the time because of the slim silhouette; most of the old-school basketball shoes were chunky and big.

The Puma Clyde broke that mould and now, the sleek and simple design of the shoe remains a staple on the streets.

Price: approx. S$100 – S$140

5. Adidas Originals Campus

These are not the Stan Smiths, but the Adidas Campus has been in the archives of Adidas since the 80s.

Made out of premium suede, the Campus is not only comfortable, but adds a simple flair to your outfit. The word “CAMPUS” is also debossed on the side of the shoe for subtle branding.

Try looking at sites like Zalora to snag these bad boys at a discounted price.

Price: approx. S$140

6. Nike Cortez

Here’s a cool one: the Cortez was the first ever track shoe that Nike created, initially designed in 1968 and unveiled to the rest of the world in 1972, just in time for the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Possibly one of the most recognised and revered running shoes ever made, the Nike Cortez has stood the test of time, and evolved to being both track and street worthy.

Oh and you know what? Forrest Gump wore this exact pair of sneakers as he covered the entire United States by foot. If Tom Hanks wears something, I want it too.

Price: approx. S$115 – S$130

7. Converse Jack Purcell Low Top

If you ask me, I would probably tell you that the Converse Jack Purcell isn’t exactly as iconic as the Chuck Taylor All Star. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not a great pair of shoes.

Jack Purcell was a Canadian badminton player, and he was the brains behind this timeless design of a sneaker. All he wanted was to make a shoe that would be great on the court, but he would never have guessed that it would go on to be a sleek and well-loved shoe that’s still selling today.

The trademark of the shoe is the blue “smile” across the toe, and with an affordable price, it really makes you smile.

Price: approx. S$99.90

8. Vans Authentic

Another good ol’ pair of Vans; the Authentic is a shoe that defines the brand. Since 1966, the shoe manages to stay relevant because of the philosophy that guides it; it was a shoe that was built to last, both design and material wise.

The durable canvas upper made it suitable for skaters to skate in them, and along with the grippy “waffle” outsole, it was really a no-nonsense skate shoe.

The simple design means you can wear it on almost any occasion, and if you ask me, an all-white pair is certainly something you can put on every day of the week.

Price: approx. S$69 – S$99

9. Adidas Cloudfoam Super Daily

This pair is made under the Adidas NEO sub-brand, which is targeted at the younger generation and teenagers. You might have heard of it back when Selena Gomez was an ambassador for the brand.

As NEO was made for the youngsters, of course the shoe needs to be affordable. The Cloudfoam Super Daily is cheap and stylish. It looks a little like the Adidas Gazelle, but on a budget.

Price: approx. S$89

10. Nike Tanjun

Who knew Nike could make cool sneakers at such low prices? The Nike Tanjun is selling for S$99 on the Nike online store and the design is very reminiscent of the Roshe Run, which was a very popular shoe just a few years ago.

This slim and modern looking sneaker has the potential to be your daily beaters as it would probably go well with anything in your wardrobe.

Price: approx. S$99

— —

You don’t have to compromise on style in order to save money. Sneakers that cost less than three digits are definitely a worthy investment, and these 10 shoes on the list are decently comfortable and they don’t make you look like a five-year-old who mismatched his clothes and shoes.

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