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This App Allows You To Get Fit Through A Virtual Race From Zombies This 19 – 30 Apr

If repetitive running isn’t your idea of fun, what about running through missions in a post-zombie apocalypse world? From 19 – 30 April 2018, you get to join thousands of runners worldwide in the Zombies, Run! Virtual Race.

Taking on the role of a runner from a survival camp, you’ve been tasked with retrieving the Crown Jewels. Not only do you need to catch the thieves, you need to avoid becoming zombie chow.

With the Zombies, Run! app, you’ll get audio-driven stories for every run. The story progresses with every kilometre you run in the virtual race, so once you’re hooked you won’t want to stop! Hearing the zombies groaning right next to your ear will make you speed up too.

The best part of a virtual race? It’s up to you to decide the location; you get to choose where and what time you want to run.

Time to lace on those running shoes, and steady your nerves. Those zombie groans can get pretty loud and spine-tingling!

Dates & Times: 19 – 30 April 2018, no fixed time

Prices: S$30 per pax (single entry, 5km/10km), S$25 per pax (twin entry, 5km/10km) | Free app download (Android) (Apple)

Zombies, Run! Virtual Race: No fixed location | Facebook | Website | Tickets

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