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Wild Wild Wet Singapore: A Neighbourhood Spot With Fun For The Whole Family

Of late, the weather has been crappy. The heat is too unbearable for a picnic, and the haze is blurring out my vision more than having Vaseline smeared across my glasses. In times like this, I do believe the best thing to do is to submerge yourself in a large body of water like a hippopotamus and pretend all’s right with the world.

Wild Wild Wet (WWW) is no stranger to my childhood. I dub it Singapore’s original water theme park—it’s been around since before swimming complexes had fancy slides. Newly renovated, WWW has expanded and occupied the old site of Escape Theme Park in Pasir Ris Downtown East. As of November 2012, the park has added a slew of new rides, making it both family-friendly as well as a place for those who still need the occasional adrenaline-pumping experience.

E!Hub @ Downtown East has also been upgraded and extended, providing you with more eateries and entertainment as well as an overview of the newly renovated theme park. The entrance to WWW has also shifted further in and replaced the turnstiles leading to the old Downtown East chalets.

A Taste Of Adventure For The Children

Julian, Tres and I scanned our tickets at the entrance. Completely forgetting that September school holidays were a thing, we became slightly overwhelmed by the throngs of children and their families. Also, upon entry, the first things you’ll see are the Kids Zone and Splash Play areas. Catered for the young ones, the rides you see in the Kids Zone area are scaled-down iterations of the more prominent, more adventurous attractions in the park. All children must be supervised by an adult and be of 1.22 metres and below in height to fully enjoy the play space.

Credit – Wild Wild Wet

Still concerned about their safety? The Splash Play area will be a place for both you and your child to cool off, allowing your child to run wild without any worry. Have water gun fights and splash freely in the shallow waters. Plus you can keep an eye on them from the sheltered deck chairs situated just in front of the area.

New Heart-Stopping Fun For The Adrenaline Junkie

Ever wanted to feel like Tony Hawk or free-fall from a height without burning a hole in your pocket? WWW has a range of new additions and kept some old favourites to ensure the adventurous don’t get bored.

I remember taking the Slide Up as a teen. I shared the float with someone heavier than I was. The drop was a lot faster, and I had to clutch on to the float handles for dear life. The four-metre fall resembles a skateboarding ramp and will provide you with the speed rush without the grazed knees. It’s one of those rides where you’ll end up muttering “Never again!” but secretly still wonder whether you’ll risk your life (and heart) to go on it for a second.


Credit – @Tuberides on Youtube

One of the newer additions to appease the adrenaline seekers is the Torpedo. May the power of the G-Force be with you on this one! Stand in an enclosed capsule that’s 18-metres high and wait for the countdown. No, you won’t just drop after the countdown’s over, it leaves you hanging (literally) before propelling you into a myriad of twists and turns that’ll leave your lungs out of breath and your throat sore from screaming.

If this is too much (or not enough, depending on which part of the adrenaline junkie scale you’re on), you can attempt the slide with a near-vertical drop at the Free Fall. In comparison to the Torpedo, the Free Fall allows you to see where you’re going, instead of having the floor disappear beneath your feet.

Promoting Family Fun And A Competitive Spirit

If the family-fun factor isn’t enough for your adventurous group, these new attractions will promote the competitive spirit amongst your entire party.

Credit – SGMagazine

Singapore’s first four-lane met racer attraction, the Kraken Racers will determine who’s the best as you zip down the slide lanes. Grab a met, climb the stairs and yell “Release the Kraken!” as you slide down 90 metres.

Credit – Tribaeast

On the other hand, Royal Flush (or the toilet bowl ride as I call it) is the ideal ride for everyone to enjoy screaming and poking fun at each other—think Slide Up but with more twists and turns. Drag your friends into the four-person raft and swoosh along the walls, the giant bowl, and through the tunnels. It’s the one time you’ll be able to feel like actual shit and still end up being clean.

End The Day With A Relaxing Float

After all the energy-draining activities, take a break and conclude your stay by revisiting the old WWW classics.

Credit – Shout.Sg

Who can forget the Ular-Lah? Brave the rapids in a six-person float and enjoy an experience that closely resembles riding through the turbulent rapids. Another iconic attraction is the Tsunami—a wave pool that simulates your everyday swimming pool when all is still. But wait for the current and get ready to surf the highest waves.

I waited for what felt like an eternity at the Shiok River for both Julian and Tres to make their way around.

The ride spans 335 metres in length and meanders around lush landscapes as well as the Professor’s Playground. Grab a tube or walk freely through the ride at your own pace. Sleeping is even an option! It’s one of the top picks for a “retreat ride”— a ride you get on to take a break from the other crazier attractions in the park.

After you’re tired out from a full day of play, freshen up in the renovated bathrooms. They’re a lot larger, with the addition of more shower rooms. Grab a bite at the eatery situated right outside if you’re famished, or use it as a rendezvous spot after your trip to the bathroom. 

Since WWW is so conveniently located in the East amongst neighbourhoods, you’ll be able to enjoy much-needed family time on the weekends and holidays without having to battle the tourist crowd. By including the new adrenaline-filled rides, no longer will bold individuals have to wait for a visit overseas to try out such enterprising activities. These new attractions might not wholly fulfil the adrenaline junkie’s needs, but at least it’ll be able to sustain their thrill-seeking selves for a tad bit longer.


Adult (13 years and above) S$24 during off-peak periods, S$32 on weekends, school and public holidays
Child (3 to 12 years) S$18 during off-peak, S$24 on weekends, school and public holidays
Family Package (2 Adults and 2 Children) S$78 to S$102

Wild Wild Wet Singapore: Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599, +65 6581 9128 | Opening Hours: 12 to 6pm on Weekdays, 10 to 6pm on Weekends | Website | Facebook

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