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WE Cinemas: First Class Movie Experience In Clementi & What To Expect

Compared to well-loved premium cinema seatings like Shaw Premiere, Cathay Platinum and Golden Village Gold Class, WE Cinemas’s First Class (by Engwah) in Clementi is relatively new.

I’ve watched regular seat movies at WE cinemas a couple of times in the past since its 15 minutes away from my house and whenever I walked past the First Class cinema I would wonder what made it so different compared to the normal ones.

It’s safe to say that my sister and I are avid moviegoers, and we’ve never really understood the whole Gold/ Platinum/ First Class movie experience or why it costs so much.

Well, we finally experienced our very first First Class movie screening in Singapore recently. We watched X-Men: Dark Phoenix as it was the only movie being screened in First Class the week of our review experience.

Because it was the movie’s opening week, each First Class ticket cost S$30. We were glad to know that we were entitled to a free set meal, thanks to the promotion that runs from Monday to Wednesday before 6pm.

First Class Impression

The First Class Cinema was nicely lit and the space between each row was significantly huge so clearly, you don’t have to worry about squeezing through an entire row of people here. We also got all excited because we had the whole cinema to ourselves.

The spacious interior and the huge leather chairs really took me by surprise (peep the sweater).

The leather recliner seats were super comfy. Before the previews started, a first-class cushion was also provided that doubled as a blanket just in case it got cold, and it did.

In between us we had a table that could fold outwards so we didn’t have to keep on sitting up while we were eating. The First Class staff were friendly and efficient in bringing our set meals directly to our table right before the movie started.

Each set meal had eight pieces of nuggets, two hashbrowns, and a soft drink. I was so glad that the nuggets and hashbrowns were crispy. Watching the movie while lying back in our reclined seats was an amazing experience. The sound system was great and the bass was so strong we could feel every vibration- which made the cinematic experience even better.

Under the tables are First Class food and drink menus. If you need to order anything during the movie, you can press the call button on the side of the table and the First Class Service staff will attend to you!

From Satay platters to beers and wine, there’s a good range of delights you can order in the comfort of your first class seat.


Credit- 321 Clementi

Final Thoughts On WE Cinemas First Class

Something unique about WE Cinemas that I haven’t really seen in other cinemas is their alcoholic slushie drinks. Flavours include Vodka Grape Slush, Vodka Sunrise, and Bourbon Coke Slush. With the seats being so comfortable and being bundled up under the blankets, I’m actually shocked that neither one of us fell asleep (especially my sister, she can fall asleep anywhere).

Since this was our first time getting the First Class experience, we did not really know what to expect and I think overall, we were pleasantly surprised. It is on the pricey side, which is completely understandable considering the transformer-like chairs and the fancy First Class menu.

You could try out the First Class experience if you’re in the mood for some splurging, especially for showtimes that run more than three hours – might as well get as comfortable as possible.

Prices: S$25 – S$30 per ticket; Check out full WE Cinemas’s ticket prices.

WE Cinemas First Class: #03-03, 321 Clementi, 321 Clementi Avenue 3, Singapore 129905| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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