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| On 2 years ago

8 Places To Watch The F1 Race In Singapore Without Having To Purchase Race Tickets

The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix is probably one of our nation’s most celebrated sporting event, taking place over one glorious weekend of parties, drinks and fast racing.

Taking place on the Marina Bay Street circuit, the inaugural night race annually invites some of the biggest performance acts over three days of ticketed entertainment.

Some of us might find the exorbitant prices for the tickets a turn off, but yet, we still want to see the famed racing cars zooming past the scenic night skyline of Singapore.

I’ve scouted around our sunny island to present to you 8 places in Singapore that you can watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix without having to purchase the race event tickets at Marina Bay.

1. Helix Bridge

Apart from the incredible beauty and unbelievable design of the Helix Bridge where it is a perfect photo zone be it in the day or night, the Helix Bridge provides you with one of the best views of the Formula One Grand Prix.

At this spot that links Marina Centre with Marina South, you will be able to view the F1 racers zooming down a long straight before manoeuvring past Turn 19 and 20 of the race circuit.

2. Marina Square

There are two viewpoints in Marina Square for you to have a view of the race from Turn 14 to Turn 17. If you feel hungry and want to grab a bite, you can head to the Cookhouse by Koufu and take a seat by the windows to have a full view of the tracks while being in an air-conditioned environment.

If you are worried that all seats might be occupied, you can head up to the Marina Square Roof Garden for a similar view. This is an ideal spot for you to spectate the race if you love an outdoor setting.

3. Millenia Walk

Credit – Millenia Walk

Millenia Walk is another location where you can view the race for free at the link bridge connecting to Marina Square. Here, you will be able to have a perfect view at Turn 6 and get to see the drivers racing down the stretch of Raffles Boulevard.

4. The Sail, The Marina Bay Residences

For those who have connections with high SES (Socio-Economic-Status) echelons of Singapore, you might want to check with any friends staying there should they have a slot to accommodate you in their residential home. From Turn 8 to 21, you will be able to look at a sizable distance of the circuit and view the race along the Singapore night’s skyline.

5. National Gallery – Smokes And Mirrors Bar

Credit – Smokes and Mirrors

Located at the rooftop of National Gallery, Smokes and Mirrors is a rooftop bar for you to view the race from Turn 9 to Turn 10 (if you buy a drink of course). Furthermore, with the bulk of F1 activities located at The Padang, you can get to have a glimpse of all the action and bask in the atmosphere.

For those who might not want to jostle with the crowd trying to sneak a peak, you can have a romantic meal and cocktails here while viewing the race.

6. Shaw Tower’s Carpark

Shaw Tower’s multi-storey carpark is well-known for its incredible narrow lanes, but upon reaching the 11th floor, you will be able to watch the F1 cars zooming down the straight frm Raffles Boulevard towards Nicoll Highway.

Although it is some distance from the race track, you will be able to get an aerial view of the race and it is an unexpected vantage point away from any crowds.

7. Marina Bay Financial Tower – LeVel33 Microbrewery

Credit – LeVel33

The Marina Bay Financial Tower is home to the world’s highest urban microbrewery, LeVel33.  Unless you work at MBFC, your next best bet to watch the race would be this microbrewery and restaurant.

The brewery has an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a pint of craft beer while looking over the race track across the bay. This is a great place to enjoy gastronomic delights and signature beers with the race cars zooming by below.

8. The Fullerton Hotel

Credit – Fullerton Hotel

Most race-goers from previous years still hold the belief that the Fullerton Hotel’s rooftop bar gives the best view of the race in Singapore.

From this point, you can observe race cars entering Turn 12 and 13 where they are the prominent overtaking points of the race. Coupled along with a meal or a drink at a fraction of the actual F1 race ticket, this spot is definitely worth it.

Formula One Grand Prix Singapore: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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