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10 Thrift Stores In Singapore For The Hype At Lower Prices

Looking for a wardrobe change in Singapore? Looking for retro tees from the 90’s? How about first-hand branded clothing like Burberry or YSL, but without breaking the bank?

Whether you prefer to physically browse through the racks, or scroll through Instagram/Carousell and do everything online, each has its own pros and cons. Physical stores allow you to personally inspect each item before purchase, whereas online pages require you to place your trust in the seller. You also have the opportunity to see if the item you like actually fits. Most online sellers will place the pit-to-pit measurement of each item, so you have to be confident in your own size before you make a purchase.

We’re here to help with that fellow stylish but broke Singaporean. Here is a list of 10 places/pages to thrift in Singapore, in no particular order, for you to browse and purchase these articles of hype- without the huge price tag.

1. Exit Co.

Located on the highest floor of Orchard Plaza, EXIT Co. was started up by three individuals- Darren, Charmaine, and Aloyston. Entering Exit, you will find racks and racks of outerwear. There is also a wide assortment of tees, from brands such as Palace, Pleasures and Tommy Hilfiger.

EXIT also carries a lot of Supreme items- an elusive find here in Singapore. People are always looking to get their hands on these, so grab it and head to the counter immediately once you’ve laid your eyes on a piece that you like.

We understand that it may be troublesome to head to Orchard every now and then to check out the items on the rack, so thank goodness for technology- EXIT has a Telegram channel where they post their sales campaigns as well as their drops, and also a Telegram group where they host auctions every Friday night. Try your luck, win a bid and you may get a piece for a steal.

EXIT: 150 Orchard Rd, #05-27 , Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841 | Tel: 8201 8488 |  Instagram | Telegram Channel 

2. Loopgarms

Looking for a piece from the 90’s? Need to complete that retro look? Look no further than Loopgarms. Located in the heart of the Jalan Besar neighborhood, Loopgarms was opened by Isaac and FJ, who have been collecting vintage pieces ever since they were in their teens.

Inside, you will find yourself transported back to the 90’s- think American varsity tees and graphic tees with huge prints. Each item here holds sentimental value to the duo and has a story behind them. I guess clothes, just like tattoos, can be something meaningful to the wearer as well.

If you are looking to clear some items from your wardrobe, you may bring it down to Loopgarms as well. After appraisal by either Isaac or FJ, you can either exchange your pre-loved clothing for 30-40% of its value in cash or 50-60% of its value in store credits which you can use to purchase any item in the store.

Come down to Loopgarms if you are looking for something more than just thrifting, we’re sure that any item you purchase will not only have a place in your closet, but also a special place in your heart.

Opening Hours: 12noon – 7.30pm (Thurs – Tuesdsay), Closed on Wednesdays

Loopgarms: 635 Veerasamy Rd, #01-148, Singapore 200635 | Instagram

3. retro.spectives

Vintage tees? Check. Unique outerwear? Check. Designer brands? Check. Whatever you are looking for, @retro.spectives has got you covered. The only catch? Your fingers have to be fast enough. On his page, items can be sold in under a minute so you better act quickly whenever you spot an item that you like.

Credit – @retro.spectives

@retro.spectives describes the clothes that go on sale on his page in his bio- “Clothes you never thought you needed.” And true enough, that’s what I felt when I saw this Pepsi long-sleeved polo and Coca-cola polo. Too bad it’s been sold already.

Credit – @retro.spectives

@retro.spectives often drops clothing of the same brand, such as Patagonia, or articles of the same type- long sleeve polos, graphic tees or windbreakers one after another. He usually types in the timings of his next drops in his bio, so keep your eyes peeled.

retro.spectives: Instagram | Carousell

4. jiggythings.vtg / jiggythings.vault

Credit – @jiggythings.vtg

The items you can find on @jiggythings.vtg are brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, FILA, adidas, and Ralph Lauren among many others, as well as vintage tees from Hard Rock Cafe as well as Planet Hollywood– the possibilities are endless. The same rules apply here, fasters fingers first.

Credit – @jiggythings.vault

On @jiggythings.vault, you will find more atas brands such as Burberry, YSL and Prada. You can sometimes acquire these designer articles for less than $100- truly a steal.

jiggythings: @jiggythings.vtg | @jiggythings.vault | Carousell | Telegram

5. cherub___ (three underscores)

On @cherub___ ‘s Instagram page, you will find a lot of designer items- a lot of YSL and Burberry so this might be the first page you want to check out when looking to purchase these goods.

Credit – @cherub___

If you are lucky, and fast enough, you may even get your hands on some items from Gucci and Chanel.

Credit – @cherub___

cherub___ has also taken his business further and has produced his own line of cargo pants and clasps to complement your outfit. They are available at S$65 and S$45 respectively.

He also has his own Telegram group, where he announces his drops and also hosts auctions.

cherub___: Instagram | Telegram

6. thriftanic

Looking for windbreakers? @thriftanic has LOADS of them.

Credit – @thriftanic

While he has sold a huge number of windbreakers already, @thriftanic also carries a lot of other items as well. To purchase his items, you can either do it through his Instagram Story or through his Carousell page where he has a five-star rating. He releases his items every Saturday.

Credit – @thriftanic

@thriftanic recently held a pop up at the Geylang Serai Bazaar, where people could go down in the midst of all the festivities and browse through the racks of colorful clothing.

thriftanic: Instagram| Carousell

7. whollyvintage

Credit – @whollyvintage

If you are looking for T-shirts with prints of your favorite cartoon characters from the 90’s, look no further than Wholly Vintage.

Credit – @whollyvintage

Apparently, the store’s obscure location in an industrial building in Eunos does not deter the many customers that flock to this thrift shop daily.

Credit – @whollyvintage

You aren’t limited to just graphic tees, you can also expect brands like Nike and Burberry amongst many others.

Opening hours: Fri – Tues, 1 pm – 8 pm

Wholly Vintage: Eunos Avenue 3, #05-03 Gordon Industrial Building, Singapore 409838 | Instagram

8. Death Threads

Credit – @deaththreads.vtg

Just like Wholly Vintage, Death Threads is located in an obscure industrial area. But yet during its campaign periods, customers sometimes have to queue for about an hour due to space constraint in the store-  there are just too many people.

Credit – Death Threads FB

And it’s not hard to see why. During campaign periods, sale items can go for up to 80% off, and you can search for items in the bargain box for less than S$20.

Credit – @deaththreads.vtg

You must’ve realised I used the words “campaign periods” a lot for this thrift store. That is because Death Threads does not have regular opening hours like a normal store, but instead, the opening hours are based on their campaigns they call “volumes”- each campaign may run from as short as one day, to a whole week.

Opening hours: Depends on campaign, refer to their Instagram

Death Threads: #04-06 Kapo Factory Block A, 80 Playfair Road | Instagram 

9. retrovage

Although they were established only this year, retrovage has already amassed an Instagram following of 4k.

Credit – @retrovage

@retrovage give his customers so much bang for their buck. Aside from normal sales, he also does mystery boxes, where you can get a few items for a certain price, or a hypebox, which contains a branded item over S$100 for just S$80.

Credit – @retrovage

He is also always looking to buy as well, so if you have any items you would like to let go, all you have to do is drop him a DM. Join the Telegram channel as well, there will be sneak peeks, as well as some exclusive drops there that won’t be posted.

retrovage: Instagram | Telegram

10. allotherspaycash

Credit – @allotherspaycashIf you are looking for brands like Bape, or vintage tees to represent your favorite American baseball or basketball team, do have a look at @allotherspaycash’s Instagram page.

Credit – @allotherspaycash

On this page, Supreme is also posted time to time so keep your eyes peeled. You can also look out for the many Pleasures and Champion items that are dropped on this page.

allotherspaycash: Instagram 

More Thrifting Tips

At first glance, when you compare the items on all of these stores’ pages or racks, they may look similar and you may be more inclined to go to the cheapest option. Varying prices do not mean that one place is more expensive than the other.

It’s worth remembering that some items are truly unique and hard to get a hold of since they are no longer being produced. It again comes down to examining the item you are about to purchase properly. Do scroll through all these thrift store pages and browse through their unique collections in person when possible.

You’ll realise how different they are. After all, part of the thrill of thrifting is when you finally find something you like after sieving through tons and tons of items.

Just like making any other purchase, you must examine every item and every picture carefully, and also read the item’s description carefully. Whenever you see a new post or come across a good find on the racks, contain your excitement and do just that. You don’t want to jump the gun and make the purchase without realizing that it is too small, or that there are some defects.

That being said, I hope this article will help you in getting the hype pieces of clothing you’ve been searching long and hard for. Happy hunting!

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