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The Gym Pod: Work Out With Friends At This 24-Hour Semi-Private Container Gym For S$7/hr Near Buona Vista

It can be tough going to the gym, especially if you’re not super fit or buff.

For guys, there’s always this pressure to bench more, when the ripped dude next to you is benching 100kg.

And for us girls, we just want to work out in peace, but it’s hard when there are creepy guys leering at you.

Enter The Gym Pod, located at JTC Launchpad @ one-north. This air-conditioned gym is actually housed within a container block, with 24-hour access.

The best part? There’ll only be a maximum of three people in the gym at any time, so you’ll get an almost private gym. Better yet, you can jio two other gym buddies and enjoy your workout exclusively with your friends!

This one-of-a-kind gym is just behind Timbre+, and easily accessible by crossing the road from Fusionopolis. I spotted it almost immediately after walking into JTC Launchpad, because of its cheery bright yellow exterior. There’s just something about this sunny yellow that lifts your spirits!

Of course, prior to making your way down to the gym, you should book a slot first. You can do so without breaking a sweat, since it’s all done online.

Just head over to their website to select your workout timeslot, and fill in your details. Do note that all slots are 60 minutes in length, and priced at S$7 per hour.

Because National Day 2018 is coming up, there’s currently a special promo till 9 August 2018, where each one-hr session will only cost you S$5.30. Make full use of this!

You don’t even have to worry about misplacing your keys or access card at this gym. Once you’ve booked your slot, you’ll receive an SMS with a four-digit passcode. Key in that code at the gym door, and you’re ready to work up a sweat!

With how easy it is to book a gym slot, I decided to bring two of my colleagues over for a workout sesh.

Stepping into the container gym, we were greeted by a dumbbell rack, treadmill, and a Smith machine with an Olympic EZ Bar.

While the range of machines may not be as varied as other gyms with more expensive membership rates, this no-frills approach is actually sufficient if you just want a comfortable space to do your own training.

We warmed up with a little cardio on the treadmill. With easy-to-use controls for speed and incline, this machine is great for just about anyone who wants to get some running in.

There’s also a built-in fan which I really appreciated, because all that sweat dripping down my face can be such a nuisance.

One thing to note: the front wall of the container gym is clear glass, which means that if you leave the blinds up, everyone walking past can peer in at you shedding those calories.

That’s fine if you’re rocking a gym bod, but if you’re a little shy, you can always pull the blinds down. For those of you working out on hot afternoons, you might want to lower the shades too. Sun + glass and metal walls = greenhouse effect! It could get a little warm, with Singapore’s scorching sun shining in.

Ready for something more intensive?

Those of you who want to work on a little strength training, try out the Smith machine with the Olympic EZ bar. Pile on those weights, because it’s time to get jacked! Of course, gym users should observe the proper safety protocol — you wouldn’t want to leave the container gym with a sprained wrist!

If you’re not a fan of weight machines, there’s a good range of dumbbells on the rack that you can use.

I usually start out with Lateral Arm Raises, because how else am I going to rock the bikini if I don’t work on my shoulders? Make sure to keep your feet hip-distance apart for balance, and keep your arms straight without locking the elbows.

I used the 3kg dumbbells for this exercise, but feel free to increase the weight if you’re comfortable with it.

My colleague used the 5kg and 10kg dumbbells for the Overhead Shoulder Press. This is a fantastic workout for your arms and core muscles!

Be aware of your limits, and use the proper technique to avoid injuring yourself. Start with the dumbbells at shoulder height, then slowly extend your arms straight above your head. And that’s one rep!

I won’t lie, I really liked the wide mirror that takes up the back wall of the gym. It’s a good way to check my posture as I was doing dumbbell exercises. And hey, it’s also a good spot for a gym selfie.

If you want to be even more pumped up for your gym sessions, there’s even a speaker that you can hook up to your phone. Time to blast some tunes and get your blood pumping!

For now, The Gym Pod only has one location, but they’re looking to expand into more areas all over Singapore. You just might see a yellow container gym near your workplace soon!

Prices: S$7 per hour, special National Day 2018 promo of S$5.30 per hour till 9 August 2018

The Gym Pod: 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, JTC Launchpad @ one-north, Singapore 139957 | Tel: +65 9061 5935 | Opening Hours: 24 Hours | Facebook | Website

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