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what to do in hong kong

Blast To The Past With Nostalgic Toys At Hong Kong’s Toy Festival This 15 – 17 June

With toys such as Beyblade, Hot Wheels and even Toy Story characters, get ready for a throwback to your childhood…

3 years ago

Hong Kong E-Sports & Music Festival: Rock Out To KPop & Try New VR Games From 4 – 6 Aug ’17

The ICBC (Asia) e-Sports & Music Festival, Hong Kong, is a mouthful to say, but for good reason. This festival is…

4 years ago

HKWalls ’17: Take An OOTD In Front Of The New Graffiti Art Walls In Hong Kong From Now Till 31 Oct ’17

Hong Kong is so much more than just your usual dim sum and shopping travel destination. This summer, the Hong…

4 years ago

Four-Day Itinerary In Hong Kong: Unique Must-Dos & Must-Sees When Visiting Popular Main Attractions

If you've got an upcoming four-day trip to Hong Kong and you've never been there before, we're guessing you'd like to…

4 years ago

5 New Theme Parks & Attractions Loop-De-Looping Into Asia This 2017

2017 is looking set to be a really exciting year, and I mean heart-pumpingly exciting. We can now add five…

4 years ago

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