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Virtualise yourself with Facebook’s newest avatar and sticker creator

As children, we’ve all either spent hours customising our character on RPG games or dressing up our toy dolls—an ode…

8 months ago

Preetipls Responds to Jamie Chua’s Biz Partner Calling Her “Keeper of the Indian Race” — It’s Exhausting

Remember when Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua made some extremely tone-deaf remarks about migrant workers? "... dreamt of the Indian workers…

12 months ago

Do NOT Download: The Mystery of the Cursed Phone Wallpaper

Take a look at this picturesque view of a forested terrain with its quaint blue lake, a slightly overcast sky,…

12 months ago

Propose With a Tasty Diamond Ring Made From Crystal Pepsi

In Marilyn Monroe’s classic words “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. In the same fashion, it has inevitably become most…

1 year ago

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