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A Bang-For-Your-Buck With This Sleeper Train From Malaysia To Bangkok From S$38

If you really need a getaway and payday seem like miles away (me, right now), then read on! This straight…

2 years ago

Tokyo Snoopy Museum To Reopen Twice As Large In Fall 2019 In Machida City

Gone were the days when we readily bought newspapers and flipped to the comics section for some Charlie Brown entertainment.…

2 years ago

Disney Fanatics Will Love This Tsum Tsum Roadshow in Kuala Lumpur Running Till 13 August

Haven't had enough of Disney despite all the new Disney movie releases? Cross the causeway to Kuala Lumpur and fuel…

2 years ago

Lego-Themed Sea Life Aquarium Opens In Johor Bahru

Trying to find more things you can do in Johor Bahru (JB)? Now, you can add one more thing to…

2 years ago

Enchanting Resort 6 Hours From S’pore Is Modelled After Old French Town Colmar

Vintage beauty and picturesque towns are probably the first things that come to mind when I hear of France and…

2 years ago

Step Out Of Your Holiday Comfort Zone & Go Find Yourself In India

Throw Away Everything You Knew About The World By definition, India is a country. In terms of its size, it’s…

4 years ago

10 Ways To Fully Discover North Borneo’s Rich Culture & Wildlife

Borneo is one of those often talked about but lesser-known destinations that the adventurous often head to. The island is…

2 years ago

Skechers Blacklight Run 2017: The World’s Brightest Run Is Happening In Bangkok On 17 June

Held in Singapore in 2016, the Skechers Blacklight Run returns with its next edition in Bangkok, Thailand on 17 June…

4 years ago

Four-Day Itinerary In Hong Kong: Unique Must-Dos & Must-Sees When Visiting Popular Main Attractions

If you've got an upcoming four-day trip to Hong Kong and you've never been there before, we're guessing you'd like to…

4 years ago

10 Useful Transport Apps That Will Set The Direction For Your Trips Around Asia

Wanderlust and travelling: who hasn't thought about just upping and leaving their day jobs in favour of exploring the world?…

4 years ago

Haw Par Villa: A Bizarre Theme Park In Singapore Featuring Chinese Mythology & Folklore To Weird Out Your Afternoon

Haw Par Villa is a theme park known for being fun, freaky and free-of-charge. With a Certificate of Excellence and…

2 years ago

FREE Anime Movie Tours To Japan This 2017 To Visit Real-Life Locations That Inspired ‘Your Name’

Oh yes, you read that title correctly: it's FREE. The Anime Tourism Association will be carrying out tours to visit real-life sites…

4 years ago

Singapore Footprints: Follow The Footprints Of Our Forefathers On A Free Chinatown Tour

When was the last time you visited a cultural place in Singapore, for the sake of learning more about its…

2 years ago

Locomole App: Free Guided Tours To Beat Wanderlust Without Leaving Singapore

Staycations are a great way to slot in holiday trips without actually having to go overseas. And now you can…

2 years ago

Scoot’s 1-for-1 Air Tickets Up For Grabs Till 28th December 2016!

Scoot's Takeoff Tuesday sales are the best, except for the fact that we have to camp early in the morning.…

4 years ago

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