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A historical moment for HIV patients—MOH issues new subsidies for treatment

We’ve all heard of HIV—the ominous, life-threatening disease that spread via the transfer of bodily fluids between humans. First emerging…

3 weeks ago

Mansplaining Defined in Antique Paintings — Hilarious Book Captures Eye-Rolling Feeling To the Tee

As a man, I don’t deny that some of us, when surrounded by other women, tend to deliberately behave in…

1 month ago

6 Places in Singapore You Can Paint Graffiti & Express Creativity — Without Getting Caned

If you lived through the 90s, you’d probably know who Michael Fay is. Michael Fay was an 18-year-old American teenager…

1 month ago

15 Creative Activities You Can Do In Singapore To Feed Your Inner Artist

Picking up a paint brush or pencil isn't all there is to art. Defined as "creative activity", it includes anything…

1 year ago

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