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Starbucks Taiwan Is Launching A Spooktacular Collection For Halloween From 9 – 31 Oct

All the haunted houses are sprouting up across Singapore—a sure sign that Halloween is among us. What if you’re not into horror movies or getting scared by a creeping ghost in the shadows?

Credit- Starbucks

Well, Starbucks Taiwan is launching a (mainly) cat-themed Halloween collection this 9 October 2019 onwards to embrace the more adorable side of Halloween.

Credit- Starbucks

This black cat mug, TWD 450 (S$20) looks slightly sinister, but I suppose the tiny cat ear details save it.

It’s cuter counterpart (complete with fat belly and little outfit details), TWD 880 (S$40) also comes with a lid to keep your tea and coffee a tad bit warmer.

Credit- Starbucks

How about a 12-ounce black cat dressed up in a ghost costume for TWD 880 (S$40)? You definitely don’t see that every day. It’s the only time a cat will let you put anything on it without scratching your eyes out. A similar ghost printed mug (without the lid), TWD 580 (S$25) is also available.

Credit- Starbucks

If you’re someone who’s into aesthetics, perhaps you don’t even drink coffee and are just looking for Halloween decorations, opt for this Ghost Kitty Double-Wall Glass Mug, TWD600 (S$26) or the Cat Double-Wall Glass Mug, TWD650 (S$29).

Credit- Starbucks

Add a pop of colour to your space with this bright orange pumpkin mug, TWD400 (S$18) and store your trick-or-treat sweets in this transparent glass jar with adorable cat head handle for TWD900 (S$40).

Credit- Starbucks

Finally, stay hands-free and environmentally conscious with this cat reusable coffee sleeve holder, TWD260 (S$12).

Hopefully, this delightful Halloween collection will haunt Singapore’s shores soon! If you’re not flying into Taiwan anytime soon, you can preorder them (and more!) from AirFrov.

Sale period: 9 – 31 October 2019

Starbucks Taiwan Halloween Collection 2019: Purchase from ibon mart

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