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Social Distancing Earrings & Other Cute Knick-Knacks to Snag

Being in lockdown and quarantine for the past few months has given content creators plenty of time to design and curate pandemic-related merchandise. From mask tote bags to Gundam-inspired face masks, the myriad of creative accessories just keeps coming—and they do not disappoint.

Enter Melbourne-based jewellery brand, FunkyFunYou, where fun and adorable accessories are birthed under the care of co-owners Simona and Amy. Their recent launch, Social Distance Handmade Statement Earrings has gotten us swooning, being an all-too-relatable phenomenon-turned-cute accessory.

Measuring approximate 6cm by 3cm, the earrings are lightweight at 10g per pair and are made of Epoxy resin. Each earring features three friends—at a safe and acceptable distance away from each other, of course, and two of the most used words of 2020—”Social Distance”.

If you prefer the little people on your earrings to be tighter knit instead, then consider getting the Friendship Handmade Statement Earrings instead, which is essentially the same thing, except everyone’s closer together. Just like, you know, pre-pandemic days.

Credit – FunkyFunYou

Other designs include tiny people having a picnic, playing tennis, and sun tanning on the beach.

If you enjoy resin accessories and would like to try your hand at them, check out these 5 DIY Craft Kits to awaken your inner Picasso.

Price: AUD$40 (approx. S$39.92)

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