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A Comparison Of 6 Premium Cinemas In Singapore

When you have to watch a long movie like Avengers: Endgame or the like, it may be wise to invest in premium cinema tickets. After all, you are going to be in the same position for three hours so you might as well have the most comfortable seats in the house.

There are many cinemas around our tiny red dot, so how do you choose? Here’s the low-down on six premium cinemas in Singapore to help you decide:

1. GV Gold Class

As the country’s leading cinema operator, Golden Village has 14 multiplexes all over the country, four of which house the GV Gold Class.

Tickets to Gold Class can be purchased online or on-site and you’ll receive them in a chic onyx black envelope. They retail for S$29 and upwards from Monday to Wednesday, and S$39 and upwards from Thursday to Sunday as well as for sneak peeks.

There is even a Gold Class Lounge for you to order food before and during your movie, although you can dine inside the lounge even without a Gold Class ticket.

If you would like to order food inside the theatres, you can simply push a button and a butler will come to your seat discreetly.

The seats in Gold Class are able to fully recline backwards, as compared to some other theatres which only have the option to lift the leg rest upwards.

Charging ports are also available for you to make use of the movie duration to juice up your phones, and blankets are given (you can even bring it home) to keep you warm.

Prices: S$29 and above (Monday to Wednesday), S$39 and above (Thursday to Sunday)

Golden Village Gold Class: Multiple Locations | Website

2. Shaw Premiere

Shaw has many outlets in Singapore, but there is only one Shaw Premiere. Located at nex shopping mall, a ticket to Shaw Premiere will cost you S$20 during off-peak from Monday to Thursday, and S$25 during peak periods. They can be purchased online and on-site as well.

By purchasing Shaw Premiere tickets, you are entitled to use the Shaw Premiere lounge before and after the movie. You are also able to order food and drinks from the lounge.

Another perk of buying Shaw Premiere tickets is that you get to enjoy a S$5 rebate on food and drinks, which can be used for popcorn as well. The popcorn can be refilled at any point of time during the movie.

The leather seats in Shaw Premiere recline to 60 degrees and you are able to adjust the leg rest up to 90 degrees. Unlike the other cinemas on this list, the Shaw Premiere seats do not have charging ports.

Prices: S$20 (off-peak), S$25 (peak) 

Shaw Premiere: 23 Serangoon Central, #04-64, Singapore 556083 | Website | Tel: +65 6235 2077

3. WE Cinemas First Class

Opened by Eng Wah Cinemas, WE Cinemas is located inside 321 Clementi. It is the only outlet in Singapore, so it may not be the most convenient location for people staying in the East. A ticket to the First Class theatres will cost between S$25 and S$30.

If you watch a movie before 6pm, you are entitled to a free set meal which consists of eight pieces of nuggets, two hashbrowns and a soft drink for each ticket.

Another cool feature of WE Cinemas that we haven’t seen in other cinema operators is that they serve alcoholic slushie drinks such as Vodka Grape Slush and Bourbon Coke Slush.

If you would like more food, you can use the call button on the right or left of your seat and an attendant will come to you.

Just like GV Gold Class, the seats inside WE Cinemas are super adjustable so that you are able to lean back until you find that sweet spot. You are also given blankets to help keep you warm over the course of the movie, and yes, charging ports are provided.

Prices: S$25 – S$30

WE Cinemas: #03-03, 321 Clementi Avenue 3, Singapore 129905 | Website

4. Eaglewings Cinematics Platinum

Eaglewings Cinematics is a cinema opened by the luxury yacht charters of the same name, and there is only one outlet at KAP Mall.

A ticket to Eaglewings Cinematics Platinum theatres will cost you S$26 from Monday to Friday afternoon, and S$34 from Friday nights to Sunday.

Purchasing a ticket to either the Platinum or Gold cinemas will entitle you to use the Eaglewings Premium Lounge, which you can dine at or relax in one of the massage chairs before your movie.

There is also an awesome drink dispenser which offers up to 50 combinations of drinks such as Cherry Vanilla Coke and Orange Sprite. You can refill the drinks as many times as you wish (!).

The seats in Eaglewings Platinum halls may not be fully reclinable, but they are already fixed in a comfortable position for you to face the screen.

You can also adjust the leg rest up to 90 degrees with a button at the side of your seat. There are charging ports provided and you are given a pillow which transforms into a blanket; whichever you prefer.

The free flow of drinks you can get from the Premium Lounge can be refilled in the cinemas as well. All you have to do is press the call button at the side of your seat, and an attendant will come to you. You can also order other food and drinks via this method.

One of the things to note about the Eaglewings’ Platinum theatre is that it is a relatively small theatre with only 18 seats.

There is only one door to enter and exit the cinema, so the staff will be running in front of you when someone buzzes them in. They do, however, try their best to lower their heads so as to not block your view.

Prices: S$26 (Monday to Friday afternoon), S$34 (Friday night to Sunday)

Eaglewings Cinematics Platinum: 9 King Albert Park, #01-58, Singapore 598332 | Website | Tel: +65 9848 7777

5. GV Funan Gold Class Express

Credit – GV Funan

The seats in the Gold Class Express theatres are generally the same as those of the other Gold Class Cinemas, however, there is one key difference – the seats in this one do not come with a call button.

Instead, anything you need can be ordered from the iGV application on your mobile phones, for both Android and IOS.

Credit – GV Funan

The classic Gold Class Lounge is replaced by the Grab & Gold Cafe at GV Funan, so it is a very different menu as compared to the former.

The cool thing about GV Funan is that there are VR pods for you to play games or watch shows in for 15 minutes. It may not be a feature exclusive to the Gold Class Express as anyone is free to use it, however, it is something unique to GV Funan that can’t be found at the other cinemas.

Prices: S$26 and above (Monday to Wednesday), S$36 (Thursday to Sunday)

Golden Village Funan: 107 North Bridge Road, #05-01 Funan Mall, Singapore 179105 | Website | +65 6653 8100

6. Cathay Platinum Movie Suites

Located near Somerset, Dhoby Ghaut as well as in Jurong East, here’s another cinema operator you most probably have heard about already. A ticket at the Cathay Platinum Movie Suites will cost you S$28 from Monday to Thursday and S$38 on the weekends and eve of public holidays.

When you purchase tickets to Cathay Platinum, you will also have access to its lounge, which will engulf you in an air of sophistication right from the get-go.

The theatre in Somerset is incredibly cosy, containing only 16 luxurious leather seats which are fully reclinable. There is a table in between seats with a button which allows you to call for service, and you’re definitely going to need it.

With every purchase of a Platinum Movie Suites ticket, you will be entitled to a Complimentary Welcome Platter. When you pay S$10 more to watch during peak periods, your money is put to good use as you will be entitled to a complimentary drink as well as nachos or popcorn.

Prices: S$28 (Monday to Thursday), S$38 (Friday to Sunday, Eve of Public Holidays)

Cathay Platinum Movie Suites: Multiple Locations | Website 

Still Can’t Decide?

Credit – GV Funan

There is no best and worst cinema for a premium movie experience. All of the abovementioned movie theatres bring something unique to the premium cinema experience, and each has its own pros and cons.

It is also important to consider other factors such as the cinema’s location and the timing of your movie. Movie tickets can cost as much as S$10 more when you are watching at a peak hour timing.

Then again, #treatyourself, right?

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