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Get Drunk While You Soak In A Hot Tub Of Sake In Japan

On the 26th of every month in Japan, several ryokans (traditional Japanese Inns), especially those in the Niigata prefecture, allow their visitors to soak in sake-infused baths. Yes, you read that right. You get to bathe in SAKE.

It’s said that a dip in a sake bath is not only able to unclog your pores but also improve blood circulation. The amino acids in the fermented rice wine is known for its beauty properties – softening and whitening the skin – and is widely used in several facial products.

Niigata prefecture is one of Japan’s top sake-brewing regions and it’s all thanks to the cold weather, which supplies fresh snow that melts onto the rice fields.

18 ryokans in the Niigata prefecture offer this sake bath, including Shiko no Sato Kikuya (Takanosu Onsen), Shiki no Yado Minoya (Yahiko Onsen) and Shun Kai no Yado Yumotokan Suiyo (Unohama Onsen).

Thinking of going to Japan? Now you have yet another reason to do so.

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