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McDonald’s China Introduces Cute Cat Paws For Fries Eaters

Singaporean are real food lovers and the circuit breaker has revealed our obsessions over two foodstuffs—bubble tea and McDonald’s.

When it comes to visiting the golden arches, who can resist the temptation of enjoying the fries—coated in buttery oil, drizzled in salt, and dipped in garlic chilli sauce? However, with the heightened hygiene standards and also to prevent our dainty fingers from getting all greasy, McDonald’s in China is introducing cat paw grips to solve our life problems.

Credit – McDonald’s

It is available in five designs—Calico (three-coloured cat), orange, light grey, dark grey, and buttery white. To use them, simply fit your thumb and index finger on each end of the paw tabs and you are all ready to pinch some fries for your sinful indulgence.

Credit – McDonald’s

According to McDonald, the adorable fries pincher is free with any purchase of large fries. However, this promotion is limited to China and strictly from 17 to 23 July 2020, between 2 pm and 6 pm.

Credit – McDonald’s

Check out the interesting promotional video of the meow meow potato clip for the multi-application of this cute device.

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