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Make Hero: Non-Invasive Snake DNA Botox Masks + Edible Skincare Products At Jewel Changi Airport

With all the buzz happening in Jewel Changi Airport, Make Hero caught my attention with its quirky products imported from Japan that even celebrities such as Fan Bing Bing and Gong Li swear by.

Bright and decked in hues of pink and white, the store is filled with beauty products ranging from high-end, which sits at the right side; and the affordable range flanking the left side of the shop.

Right off the bat, I was intrigued by the Snake DNA mask and asked to have a look at it. The staff showed me the HIROSOPHY Sakura Syn-ake Eye Mask (S$162), which was covered in a pink snakeskin design on the package.

I won’t deny, I was a little disappointed when I was told there wasn’t real snake DNA in the eye masks, but it was made with a ‘Syn-ake formula’ that boast the same effects of botox without the pain, so don’t write the mask off so quickly.

Next on the list that I had to check out was the HIROSOPHY Cell Bright Powder (S$101.90), it can be stirred into drinks, soups or porridges for that extra boost of collagen or mixed with a toner to apply on your face.

The tiny specks dissolved quickly and created a smooth sheen. I was told by the staff it’s more economical to use it on the skin than to eat it so it doesn’t run out as quickly. After all, you want to make every cent count.

The one product that actually impressed me was the Natura SC Serum (S$950), though the price is really steep, the result was almost immediate.

I tried the serum and all it took was a one-cent coin-sized amount to help lift one side of my face and reduce the lines on my neck. It is the one product that I’ll invest in when I have some spare cash on hand.

If you’d like to bag something home from Make Hero, the other side of the store will leave you spoilt for choice without breaking the bank. You can find masks, body lotions, fragrances and other daily skin care products that will leave your skin hydrated, pampered and smelling nice.

I was given a bottle of Parfait Armour SAVON SAVON Fragrance Premium Hair & Body Mist – Edel Franc (S$17.90) and I’ve since been using it daily.

It comes in four different scents and the Edel Franc is the best seller because of its subtly sweet fragrance, that isn’t too overpowering and smells refreshing like flowers in springtime.

If you’re in Jewel Changi Airport and are in need of beauty products for your upcoming trips, Make Hero is a convenient place to stock up on beauty products for your jet-setting adventures and a great place to learn more about Japanese beauty trends.

Prices: S$17.90 – S$950

Make Hero:  78 Airport Blvd, #B1-281, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666 | Facebook

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