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Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet: Quench Your Dry Skin With These Cute Sliced Fruit Masks

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve sneakily stolen slices of cucumber to use as facial “masks” when my mum is busy preparing meals in the kitchen.

If this scenario is familiar, you don’t have to suffer whacks on the hands and an earful of nagging anymore. These super cute Slice Mask Sheets (S$6 per packet) by Kocostar, a Korean cosmetic brand, is here to save the day.

Unlike typical (ghastly-looking) face masks that come with cut-out holes for your eyes, nose and mouth, these come in small patches that look like actual slices of vegetables and fruits, save for the Watermelon Extract.

Cucumber Extract

I’ve always found regular face masks to be far too ill-fitting for my face, especially when the sheets barely cover the surrounding skin of my nose and under-eye as they are too big.

But with Kocostar’s slice mask sheet, it was easier for me to target specific areas. Each packet comes with two sheets, consisting of a total of 12 pieces of tiny masks – more than enough to cover an entire face and probably neck too.

The Cucumber Extract was my favourite out of the three extracts that we tried, simply because it left my skin feeling refreshed and cooling. And, can I just mention how close it smelt to the real thing?

The left cheek that was covered in it looked clearer and the pores tightened after application, providing a boost that my skin needed.

Lemon Extract

Another plus point of the Kocostar slice mask sheet is that it comes in varied sizes — some were bigger to cover larger surface areas, while others were cut smaller to fill the gaps.

The Lemon Extract didn’t work its magic on me as well as the Cucumber Extract did. Perhaps, it was due to my skin type, but I started feeling slight biting sensations on my right cheek (but nothing damaging).

Watermelon Extract

The Watermelon Extract smelt so much like candies that I wanted to pop them into my mouth. Just imagine how sweet you’ll smell after having your face filled with it!

Your dehydrated skin will be thanking you in no time, and you’ll find your date sticking his face close to yours the entire night.

When the edges start flipping outward, you’ll know it’s about time to peel them off. There was no slimy feeling or sticky layer of gel upon peeling, and I liked that I didn’t have to wash it off with water after the treatment.

And because I didn’t have to slap on a cumbersome face mask, I wasn’t restrained in my movements and could still go about doing what I needed to do.

I know I’ll be stocking up my fridge with these newfound treasures that can be bought from Sephora, and I highly recommend you start quenching and detoxing your thirsty skin with these too.

Price: S$6 per packet

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet: Website

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