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Hairdreams: Create & Materialise Your Dream Locks With 100% Real Hair Extensions

So you’re jealous of Kim Kardashian’s long luscious locks, who isn’t. It’s no secret that they’re all about the hair extensions because let’s get real, no amount of heavenly elixir can spurt a 20cm growth in hair length in just a week.

And so in you go to a salon, ask for hair extensions and get carried away in your own head of how you will leave the place in style, with hair so fabulous you’ll put Rapunzel to shame but that’s not the case, is it.

But here’s a solution to all of that woes you grieve about – Hairdreams. Hairdreams has been around for over 30 years, with its base in Austria. It has successfully infiltrated Los Angeles and Hollywood, working with renown celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and yes you guessed it, Kim K. So here’s how you keep up with the Kardashians.

Locally, Hairdreams has worked with Fiona Xie and are looking to expand further in our little red dot with their 100% real hair extensions. Compared to a measly put together hair extensions, the bunches of hair they offer at Hairdreams is substantial and luscious, definitely a plus for anyone.

Now you too can whip your hair back and forth, turn heads as you sashay down the streets and entice others around you to caress your luscious and thick locks. Add in streak of colour, like that platinium silver hair that is oh-so-fashionable, without bleaching and damaging your long tresses.

Hairdreams uses state of the art technology, which translates to fuss-free and safe extensions, worry no more about the extensions tugging your hair, or if you could carry out certain activities like swimming or even the most basic of them all, shampooing your hair as per usual.

They currently have 4 systems, with each targeting specific hair demands. Be it for more volume and lengthening, to thicken their head to cover that balding spot or to create fashion styles for shoots and jazz up everyday life, Hairdreams got your back.

To lengthen and thicken hair, a handmade matrix is first fixed onto one’s head before integrating one’s real hair with the matrix by interweaving. After, the extension locks are attached. The extensions will grow organically with the hair and can last from 6 months to a year, depending on the care of it. After a month, you can return back to touch it back up to the roots.

The latest nano machine is used for attaching extensions to create more volume, 5 strands at a go. It is hinged onto the machine and with a quick press of a button, it’s done, painless and gentle.  Opt for their quickies if you’re looking for a few streaks of colour. These extensions have tapes on the top and bottom, allowing it to be taped onto the hair.

The last system works in complement to the hair extensions, Stop And Grow – a set of hair products like shampoo and conditioner that aids in stimulating the scalp and promoting the growth of natural hair.

Everything might feel uncomfy for the first few hours or even days, as with everything in this world when you introduce a foreign object, but soon enough you can and will get used to it and you won’t even notice its presence anymore.

I don’t know about you, but the longer and fuller my mane, the better I feel.

Hairdreams Singapore: 51 Cuppage Rd, Singapore 229469 | Tel: +65 6653 5500 | Website | Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 1100 – 2100 

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