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10 Festive Ways To Spend Christmas At Home

Okay seriously, how is it almost Christmas already? I feel like it wasn’t that long ago that I was bracing my tummy (and liver) for the onslaught of Christmas dinners and parties last December.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, sure, I love getting invited to stuff. But Christmas Day itself has always been and – I hope – will always be spent just nua-ing at home with the fam. I mean, I already can’t handle Orchard Road on a normal day and I’m sure the Christmas lights will be super pretty and stuff but just… no.

If you’ve already got plans to blast the air-con, bundle up and binge watch Netflix on this annual holiday, here are ten other festive ways to spend Christmas without leaving the comforts of your own home:

10. Cook An Epic Christmas Meal

Hollaaaa, definitely starting this list off right with FOOD. Hermit-mode calls for good grub but just to get in the spirit of things, I like to go all out and cook a proper Christmas meal with my mum.

The aromas of a hearty roast that start wafting throughout the rest of the house is enough to put anyone in a Christmas mood, and the best part? If you’re actually the one prepping and cooking, you even get to eat along the way.

9. Order Christmassy Food To Be Delivered

Sure there have been a few Christmases where hermit-mode and effort just don’t come together, and in those instances, I have fond memories of getting a whole Christmas dinner delivered.

You guys have to be strategic though – getting takeaway on Christmas Day itself may warrant a couple of hours’ wait and ain’t nobody got time for that. Order in advance from an excellent selection and just wait to be fed.

8. Watch ‘Love Actually’ For The 52nd Time

It’s embarrassing how this movie still gets to me after all this time, but it’s become a kind of ritual for me to re-watch ‘Love Actually’ every Christmas. Maybe it’s the British accents, snow or just Hugh Grant dancing to Girls Aloud that gets me in the festive mood… I haven’t figured it out just yet.

If you’ve got dinner sorted, gather round the TV with your family and put on your favourite Christmas film. Or maybe just switch to Channel 5, because I’m sure they’ll be screening Home Alone for the 104th time.

7. Bake Christmas Cookies

It would be blasphemy not to have anything to snack on during your stay-in Christmas, and it’s a pretty cute activity to bake Christmas cookies. I find baking therapeutic anyway, and there’s definitely something satisfying about cutting it into any festive cookie shape you want.

Go crazy with the designs (I made a reindeer-santa hybrid once, not a great combo) and the flavours. Try infusing Christmassy flavours in the batter, cinnamon is always a winner!

6. Dress Your Pets Up For Christmas

Let me just take a moment to hahahahahaha. Poor kitties. But yeah, I’m pretty sure anyone who has a pet has tried to dress it up at one point or another.

My fat cat Gingersnaps has NO idea what lays in store for him *evil laugh* but it’s Christmas so I’m sure all will be forgiven. Simply Google “Christmas Pet Outfits” and the several thousand reindeer dog outfits are bound to give you some form of inspiration.

Please make sure no animals are harmed in this process, LOVE YOUR PETS.

5. Take Advantage Of Any Christmas Day Sales Online

They say tis’ the season of giving so imma give… to myself. I know the crazy Boxing Day sales are obviously more of a thing, but if you’re bored at home on Christmas Day and planning some much needed me-time anyway, you’d be surprised at some of the sales that start on the 25th!

Maybe only spend half the day doing this though, so you can spend the other half with family and food (in no particular order).

4. Make Mulled Wine/ Hot Chocolate & Red Wine

While mulled wine is a pretty known Christmas necessity (and always an awesome idea), some other genius has combined hot chocolate and red wine. I mean, why SHOULD I leave the house?

Get busy and surprise your loved ones at home with a festive and boozy tea time featuring either of these two super easy-to-make Christmas drinks. Serve alongside your home-made Christmas cookies!

3. Take A Christmassy Bubble Bath

In fact, make a whole pot of that mulled wine and have it next to you while you laze in a well-deserved bubble bath. I know this requires you to firstly actually own a bath tub, but I guess you could always get creative and settle for an amazing DIY foot spa.

How is this Christmassy you ask? Throw in those fancy bath bombs you’ll probably be getting for Christmas! Let’s face it, scented stuff is kind of a default present. Seriously though, LUSH’s Frozen or Father Christmas bath bombs are sure going to leave you smelling like the IKEA candle section.

2. Blast THE Michael Bublé Christmas Album

You know it’s Christmas when Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” makes its annual rounds on the airwaves. It’s also about this time of the year that I dig up my *ahem* Deluxe Special Edition Michael Bublé Christmas album.

A roast in the oven, mulled wine on the stove and Michael crooning on loop… can anyone honestly think of a better day? I want to recommend specific songs from the album but let’s be real – they’re all winners.

1. Actually Spend Time With Your Family

It’s going to be nice finally having some me-time this upcoming public holiday, and my backlog of Netflix shows are calling my name, but… it’s still Christmas. And it’s so easy to get caught up with work and life that you forget what’s important.

I realised the other day that I haven’t seen my parents in awhile (we live in the same house yeah, this is clearly a problem). So do you this stay-home Christmas 2016, but also remember to make time for your family.

Besides, I think I’m going to need two people to squeeze Gingersnaps into his reindeer outfit. Merry Christmas everybody!

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