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You Can Now Wear Your Aircon With Sony Reon Pocket

Sometimes the weather gets hot but you need to get out of the home. Haven't you always wished you could…

4 months ago

Google Pixel Buds Review: In praise of the ordinary & functional

The What Google Pixel Buds are Google’s answer to a wireless audio life for the regular folks who just want…

4 months ago

Apple’s New iOS 14 Update Has Face Mask Memojis, Pinned Messages & Direct Replies

With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple users can look forward to a lineup of interesting features on their Apple…

5 months ago

The Solution To Our Heat Filled Angst: Aircon Shirts

I am a firm believer that one of the very core reasons why Singaporeans seem to perpetually be in a…

5 months ago

Download Pokémon Smile Now And Save Pokémon As You Brush Your Teeth

The act of brushing teeth was quite a chore when I was younger and I feel the same despite being…

5 months ago

Fight Pontianaks And Other Local Ghouls In Ghostlore — A Uniquely Singaporean Fantasy RPG

It's nice to see our little red dot being represented in mainstream media more often these days. Following Overwatch's addition…

5 months ago

Make And Receive Payments Via Whatsapp For Free — Coming Soon

Cash transfers today, can be as simple as a push of a button after a fingerprint authentication step. Gone are…

5 months ago

Pre-Order BTS x Samsung Galaxy S20+ & Buds+ Now — Free BTS Wireless Charger & Discounts Await

In celebration of Korean Boy Band BTS' seventh anniversary—or as the ARMYs say—seven years with Bang Tan, Samsung is releasing…

5 months ago

New Lomo’Instant Automat Camera Exclusively Designed by Sundae Kids

Do Sundae Kids ring a bell? Do you know those super cute Facebook webcomics that you see floating on your…

6 months ago

The V8 Slim Fluffy is Dyson’s Lightest Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner — Available in Singapore Today

They say the perfect vacuum cleaner doesn't exist, but when I first tried the Dyson V8 Fluffy for the first…

6 months ago

Escape Your Boring Zoom Meetings By Recreating This Invention

Have you ever been stuck in a Zoom meeting while bored beyond your wildest imagination? Well, if you want to…

7 months ago

Access A Single WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices — Coming to You Soon

On 27th April 2020, WhatsApp released a software update that enabled its users to video call up to 8 people…

7 months ago

Support Your Favourite Food Businesses With Instagram’s “Order Food” Stickers — Available Now

Have you ever glanced past an IG story from of one of your favourite food stores and told yourself you'd…

7 months ago

Group Call up to 8 Friends With WhatsApp’s Latest Update — Available Now

Has WhatsApp been holding you back from calling your friend group because of it's 4 user limit? Not to worry,…

7 months ago

Video Call Up to 50 People With Facebook’s Messenger Rooms — Available in S’pore Soon

Online communication has taken the world by storm due to COVID-19. We're all cooped up in our homes dying of…

7 months ago

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