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For less than S$2k per month, you can stay in a fully furnished shophouse

I've always wondered what it'd be like to relive our colonial days in a shophouse and to reminisce the good…

10 months ago

6 Netflix shows for a spoooooky Halloween in October

Buckle up, get the popcorn ready, and prep yourselves for a thrilling Halloween month with Netflix this October. Netflix has…

10 months ago

Brilliant Japanese artist recreates Japan’s city skylines with small colourful stickers

When one thinks of an art piece, usually brushes and paints come to mind. The stereotypical canvas painting of a…

10 months ago

Marvel in the magic of Studio Ghibli with over 400 HD images from 8 of their classic movies

Studio Ghibli was once an underground cult favourite for cinephiles and I was one of those die-hard fans. Just to…

10 months ago

Unleash your inner sleuth in this free-to-download Enola Holmes detective game

Have you watched Enola Holmes? If you have, I’m sure you were left enchanted by the romantic sights and sounds…

10 months ago

Singaporean YouTuber documents true horror stories in POV — we dare you to keep your eyes open

We've all been ~haunted by our demons~ as some point, right? For some of us, it's an internal battle to…

10 months ago

Man redesigns MS Paint-inspired mobile app icons, and here’s how you can too

We all know the age-old, sagely saying that goes something like, 'gRaPhIc dEsIgN iS mY pAsSiOn". No? just me? Since…

10 months ago

Introducing: The Dot Watch—the world’s first smartwatch for the blind

In the last 20 years, technology has advanced way above and beyond anyone’s expectations, making life so convenient and easy…

10 months ago

iOS14 users, rejoice!— You can now scan your SafeEntry with three simple taps

Scanning in the SafeEntry code every time we enter a mall or restaurant is necessary these days, but it can…

10 months ago

Turn your Spotify playlists into receipts with Receiptify — here’s how you can too

You're a millennial, you're cool, and you're looking for an aesthetic way to subtly (but not-so-subtly) flex your music taste.…

1 month ago

Enjoy up to 70% off Superga sneakers from 24 – 28 Sept

Like a pair of quintessential blue jeans, you can never go wrong with a pair of Superga sneakers. The moment…

10 months ago

6 Netflix shows with powerful women to stan this September

It's 2020, women are bada**es, and boy, do we love to see it. If you're all about that high key…

11 months ago

Relive the horror of results day with Singpass App

The day arrives, the morning is sombre as though the sky knows that today is THE DAY. You reach the…

11 months ago

76 Days — This documentary takes you to the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak

As if spectating from the safety of our homes as Wuhan took COVID-19 head-on wasn't heartbreaking enough, raw and unfiltered…

11 months ago

Nintendo confirms ‘Super Mario Bros.’ movie in the works—coming 2022

It appears that our favourite Italian plumber is going to have his moment on the silver screen. Yes, Nintendo has…

11 months ago

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