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Canopy Park: Bounce Along At Jewel Changi & Have A Garden Walk

If you have not heard yet, the all-new 14,000 sqm Canopy Park at the top floor of Jewel Changi Airport has opened its doors to the public!

The aesthetic garden visage of the entire park is just one of the many reasons for you to immerse yourself for hours of fun. The visit there was nothing short of amazing as I got to experience the several attractions leaving me wanting for more at the end of it.

An entrance fee of S$4.50 for Singapore Residents gives you general admission to the Canopy Park. You will be able to explore four features for free and another five ticketed activities ranging from S$7.20 to S$19.80.

Attractions Included In General Admission

The Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls, Topiary Walk and Petal Garden are the four free attractions offered via the general admission ticket.

The Discovery Slides is an exhibit that contains four slides for you to explore and at its highest point, you can actually view the entire Jewel complex. It’s a spectacular sight to marvel at away from the crowd of people located on the floors below.

One of the yellow slides contains a 70 degrees drop which requires all users to put on a helmet as a safety precaution before sliding down. It is probably the most thrilling slide among the other three.

As you walk down the pathway, Foggy Bowls await you. Foggy Bowls consists of four concave bowls where fog is produced at random intervals. It gives you a dream-like experience as you seem to ” float in the clouds”.

Topiary Walk pays homage to certain animals that can be found in Singapore. You have the chance to look at these statues of the animals where they are made with flowers and moss instead of concrete as typical statues do. Take a picture with the animals as you make your way through the path to the next exhibit.

Be amazed by the wide variety of floral and fauna in the Petal Garden as you make your way to the exit. The flowers on display are seasonal and you can expect to see new flowers being added from time to time. It is indeed a nice place for you to have your signature OOTD Instagram shot before you leave Canopy Park as well.

Additional Ticketed Attractions

One major attraction that caught my eye the moment that I stepped in was the Manulife Walking Sky Net. With a giant taut web that stretches 250m long and 25m above ground, it gives you a feeling of walking among the skies.

Furthermore, there is plenty of space for you to move about and jostling with other people will not be an issue at all.  Enjoy the view below as the entire net dangles over the five floors of Jewel!

Manulife Walking Sky Nets: S$9 for Child/Senior (Singapore Residents), S$13.50 for Adult (Singapore Resident). S$10 for Child/Senior (Non-Singapore Residents), S$15 for Adult (Non-Singapore Residents) 

The Manulife Bouncing Net, on the other hand, gives you the thrill where you get to bounce around the entire stretch of 250m as well. It’s quite impossible to actually stay still on the Bouncing Net as there will be human energy all around you. Well, you can actually lie down to take a breather while the net bobs around. Trust me, it’s more tiring than you think. The thrill never ends as you get to take one last slide down as an exit pathway.

Manulife Bouncing Nets: S$14.40 for Child/Senior (Singapore Residents), S$19.80 for Adult (Singapore Resident). S$16 for Child/Senior (Non-Singapore Residents), S$22 for Adult (Non-Singapore Residents) 

For nature lovers, apart from the massive scale of greenery surrounding Canopy Park, you can explore the Hedge Maze. It is Singapore’s largest hedge maze where you get to walk down the winding paths and have a moment of serenity. Try your best to make it to the viewing point, but it should be easy. It is a pretty place for your Instagram shot as well.

Hedge Maze: S$7.20 for Child/Senior (Singapore Residents), S$10.80 for Adult (Singapore Resident). S$8 for Child/Senior (Non-Singapore Residents), S$12 for Adult (Non-Singapore Residents) 

Credit – Jewel Changi Airport Devt

The Mirror Maze lies opposite the Hedge Maze where the entire hallway is filled with mirrors. It is the world’s first mirror maze to be set in a garden environment. Toughest challenge?

Try not to walk into the mirrors! It is way more challenging than that of the Hedge Maze although a pool noodle provided could aid you along the way.

Mirror Maze: S$9 for Child/Senior (Singapore Residents), S$13.50 for Adult (Singapore Resident). S$10 for Child/Senior (Non-Singapore Residents), S$15 for Adult (Non-Singapore Residents) 

Credit – Jewel Changi Airport Devt

Sick of the same view of the Rain Vortex that everybody has been posting about on social media? Take a trip to the Canopy Bridge outside of the Canopy Park and it is the only attraction that does not include a general admission as well. Standing at 23m above ground and stretching 50m along a glass bridge, Canopy Bridge allows you to have the best view of Jewel all around. Look directly below when you are walking to have a little thrill!

Canopy Bridge: S$7.20 for Singapore Residents, S$8 for Non-Singapore Residents 

It may be a little pricey to explore the Canopy Park as many of the attractions have all been modularized into per entry tickets, but I am certain that this experience is still worth it for the sights. Overall you’d have to spend S$55.80 in total to try all the attractions including the admission ticket.

Unlike any other place in the world, Canopy Park has an all-in-one setting indoors and allows you to be entertained throughout. Hanging out at Canopy Park is definitely a must if you are paying a visit to Jewel Changi Airport.

Price: S$4.50 for Singapore Residents, S$5 for Non-Singapore Residents (General Admission) + additional individual attraction fees

Opening Hours: 9am – 3am daily

Canopy Park: Level 5 Jewel Changi Airport 78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666 | Website | Facebook | Instagram | +65 6956 9898

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