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British Man Builds Singapore on City Building Game Simply From Google Satellite Images

Living in bustling Singapore, we tend to overlook the infrastructure that surrounds us and take them for granted. We’ve gotten so used to our country that eventually, every HDB block kind of starts to look the same. We’ve travelled around our small island so much that we know what every road looks like, so there’s really nothing much to see, is there?

Credit – GranthMi / Twitch

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that we are surrounded by top-notch infrastructure and brilliant lush greenery because most of us, simply put, have other things to worry about. With National Day around the corner, it’s good to take a step back and appreciate our beautiful little island, which is exactly what one British man by the username of GrathnMi is doing on his Twitch account.

This man, ironically, has never been to Singapore but is appreciating our city in his own way by spending 50 days and more than 300 hours in total on end recreating the entire country virtually via a city-building game, Cities: Skyline.

Credit – GrathnMi / Twitch

Our city is constructed with great attention to detail, from the Supertrees in Gardens By The Bay down to the universities and HDB estates around the country. Every road junction and train track has also been carefully reconstructed virtually.

The entire recreation of this urban city we call home was done purely by referring to Google Maps’ satellite images.

Credit – GrathnMi / Twitch

His last video, uploaded yesterday (Aug 4) suggests that he has now spent 50 days doing this. He usually streams his construction process live on his Twitch account, where he will also interact with users on his feed and get them involved by asking for suggestions such as colours of buildings.

Check out his videos here.

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