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Audible Lets Your Child’s Imagination Run Wild—Available in S’pore For Free

Whether it’s the amass of social media influencers advertising it or just a friend who’d like to share a good read—you’ve surely heard of the audiobook giant, audible. Now—in light of the coronavirus situation that has taken the world by storm—they’re bringing to you a special promotion to make sure your kids stay educated and entertained amidst the pandemic.

For as long as schools worldwide are closed, audible’s stories that are catered to the younger generation will be available for free. Now, kids everywhere around the world can instantly stream a glorious collection of incredible stories from the comfort of their own homes.

That’s not all, titles are available across six different languages—enabling your young ones to continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids with their childlike wonder even if they can’t leave their homes.

All the stories are free to stream across your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. They’re also available for different age groups so anyone from your littlest ones to your sophisticated young adults can find something to enjoy.

As schools in Singapore are close for over a whole month starting 8 April, it’s a good idea to add this onto your list of things to keep your children entertained. I hope you stay well along with your families at home during this uncertain period. There are also several applications you can download to keep yourself entertained in this quarantine era.

Let’s all make sure we practice social responsibility and try our best to keep ourselves engaged and occupied from the safety of our own homes.

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