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| On 2 years ago

Aqua Groove: Splash Your Way To A Toned Body With This Aquatic Workout In Kallang

When my Editor told me to “Go try out the Aqua Groove one, it sounds interesting,” I had no idea what I was signing up for. Grab a drink and sit down for this because oh boy I have such mixed feelings about this Aqua Groove class that I attended.

Held by the Singapore Sports Hub, Aqua Groove is part of their Aqua Fitness Classes and is conducted at the OCBC Aquatic Centre in Kallang, every Monday and Friday evening.

So we all want a toned body but no one really likes the perspiration that comes with it, right?

Aqua Groove apparently incorporates dance and aerobics movements in a water-based workout to the beat of Latin and international music. When I first read that the workout is conducted in a swimming pool, I found it interesting because I would get to stay cool throughout the exertion.

Kind of like swimming, but standing up and doing dance movements? Whatever it is, I’m in. I also pulled a colleague along because I didn’t want to suffer alone.

Groovin’ in the pool

First of all, I am by no means a dancer. If I was ever caught dancing and someone took a video of me, the video would go viral within the hour. I was therefore extremely thankful that everything was hidden underwater, and that the class started out pretty doable.

The movements were rather basic – lift your arms, push them towards the left, and all that fun stuff (can you tell how bad I am at this dance thing). Alright, I can do this, I thought.

But things don’t always go your way, do they? Somewhere in the middle, the dance routine got kind of tougher with faster music (Despacito was blasting on the boombox, and it was lit).

Needless to say I had trouble following the movements. Nonetheless, I tried my best to pretend I wasn’t just flailing about lost and confused in the water.

Don’t get me wrong, the class was fun. I just happen to be really terrible at dancing. As Luis Fonci belted out the final lines of his hit song, the routine ended and another began. This time, the sultry voices of The Pussycat Dolls echoed across the indoor pool.

Captured here is my very confused face and a poor attempt to mimic the dance instructor’s movements to Buttons. Despite my failure to follow the movements however, I was beginning to feel a familiar ache in my muscles.

Things were beginning to hurt, but that’s pretty normal for a workout. Life is tough; I am tougher.

Incorporating pool noodles into the workout

When this routine ended as well, the instructor started handing out these colourful and fun looking pool noodles. Oh wow, I thought. Okay gurl, we’re jazzing things up.

When the dance instructor says flex those muscles but you’re like help me mummy

Instant regret. Lol. You know how gym rats go around telling people “it’s the pain that makes you feel alive”?

I’ve got to say, my arms definitely felt extra alive using the pool noodle as a resistance rod. It may be light as a feather but with the added water resistance, boy was I in for some good times. Check out that pained expression.

Post-workout stretching

All in all, Aqua Groove was an interesting experience and I had a good laugh at the pictures taken. My muscles were aching by the end of the session, which is the hallmark of a good workout. And guess what? None of that post-workout sweat.

Granted, the pool was a little too deep for my midget self (the water came up to my neck and I was tiptoe-ing, but if you’re taller than 1.49 metres you’ll be fine), and there were more middle-aged women attending the session than young adults, but bring a couple of girlfriends along and I reckon you’ll still have a good time!

— —

Aqua Groove has been discontinued till May, but there are other Aqua Fitness classes that you may wish to try out – a single session for any class costs S$30. To register, download and fill up this form and bring it over to the OCBC Aquatic Centre’s information counter at Level 1. Do note that participants have to be above 18 years of age.

There are also free lockers for you to stash your belongings safely in the changing room, and more importantly, you can take a warm shower after your workout as well. Registrations have already begun, so hit your girlfriends up to try something new this summer!

Dates & Times: Varies for each aqua fitness class, check here for the list of classes and schedule.

Prices: S$30 – S$225

Singapore Sports Hub – Aquatic Fitness: 7 Stadium Drive, OCBC Aquatic Centre, Singapore 397632 | Website

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