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| On 4 years ago

8 Asian-Friendly Fashion Trends You Can Rock For 2017 (Or At Least The Rest Of It)

You’re lying in bed, scrolling through the ‘gram for your fashion inspo and you come across all these sick outfits that you just know would be perfect for that colder climate. Then the heat of the night comes in, a little drip of sweat runs down your forehead and you get back to your senses.

You’re not on THAT side of the world where you can pull these fits off. Wool? Velvet? Plush? Forget about it. The sheer humidity of our everyday lives in Singapore requires us to prioritise comfort over style.

But don’t worry, we have some sick stuff around here too. Here’s a list of Asian-friendly fashion trends for 2017 (or at least the rest of it).

1. Summer Sandals

While the ugly brother (but beloved member) of the sandal family, the flip-flops, gets a bad rep amongst the fashion conscious, the summer sandals have evolved from tribal printed straps on the early 2000s’ ergonomically designed base to a more modern iteration with chunkier soles and wilder colours.

From functional Birkenstocks to odd but awesome Japanese styles from the people at Suicoke, these sandals won’t look out of place paired with in-trend slim cut jeans and straight cut slacks. Plus, your toes can finally breathe!

2. Track Pants

Cut from fabrics more commonly used in sporting goods, track pants have made waves globally. It’s a style that originated from the streets of the United Kingdom.

Reminiscent of the 80s and 90s, these trousers will spice up any outfit. Long live Athleisure.

3. Patched Denim

A hot trend in 2015 has found its way back onto clothing rails in retail stores this year. Gucci, the brand responsible for this fashion throwback, has been making major waves in the fashion world with the now infamous Gucci Aces and Vintage Logo Tees receiving a whole lot of attention from a previously untapped market.

Gucci’s denim offerings feature anything from floral or snake patches to intricate embroidery. They come in all types of cuts to fit your personal style.

As with anything in fashion these days, there is someone out there already putting out an alternative for a fraction of the price. Bless them!

4. Clear Glasses

Having donned glasses for the most part of my life, I can recall a time when I was about nine years old and I rocked this pair of clear-framed glasses. I’d like to believe I was ahead of my time when I now see them gaining popularity this year.

Instead of going for dark and bold frames, this funky yet clean aesthetic might be your next option. Being colourless and almost invisible from a distance away, it’d fit well with almost any kind of complexion and outfit. Think of it like what it is — an invisible pair of glasses.

5. Side-Taped Clothing

A design feature that screams 80’s and 90’s culture, side-taped clothing is back. Repeated insignias line the sides of clothing, be it tees, shorts or pants. Brands that have been messing with this design include the likes of Kappa, Umbro and Adidas.

The trend dates all the way back to when bright neon colours were the only way to regard anything cool, and has now been reinvented through loads of brands that are coming up with their own variations.

6. Small Side Sling Bags

If you’re a 90’s kid who went through the educational system in Singapore, you’ve probably witnessed a phase where EVERY kid had a sling bag in school. They were very unpractical since we used to always haul all our books around but boy were they the coolest.

I attribute it to the insouciant feel you get when you have the bag slung over your shoulder and the fact that it basically smacked your nether regions whenever you walked.

Times have changed massively since then. When was the last time you saw a person with a sling bag? Practicality has taken precedence in most cases, even fashion. These small side sling bags are perfect for your handful of necessities.

If you’re super serious about fashion, I’ll convince you with one glaring point – they’ll help you cover unsightly bulges and lines in your pockets.

7. Slipper Mules

Slipper mules are seriously underrated, and might be one of the best fashion hacks of 2017. They can be used to spruce up any outfit, and since they are so easy to slip into, ensure maximum comfort as well.

The silhouette boasts the front of loafer but with the accessibility of a slide-on slipper; business in the front, party in the back? Coming in all sorts of colours and designs, you’re bound to find a versatile one that you can rock on any given day.

8. Camp Collar Shirts

A personal favourite trend of mine this year are camp collar shirts. Usually in a regular or oversized fit, these shirts feature a flattened collar that connects to a short lapel, accentuating your collarbone region.

Whimsical patterns and warm-weather friendly fabric makes it perfect for the heat and humidity in Asia.

Even though it’s a little different and takes a little getting used to, you’ll soon realise how versatile it is. Perfect as a complement to a regular pair of jeans, layered under a jacket or even paired with beach shorts. Get ready to look inherently casual but also dressed up enough to appear like you care.

— —

The heat and humidity of the Asian climate is no longer an excuse to dress poorly. We too can become objects of envy for the Westerners.

Just look, we can let our toes breathe! All the time! Same can’t be said in three feet of snow. With these eight trends, you’re safe before the next set of out-there trends become the norm. Get on the wave, surf’s up!

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