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13rushes: Switch Over To These Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes By A Singaporean Cosmetics Brand

13rushes is Singapore’s leading cosmetic brush brand that crafts affordable makeup brushes and kits. The brushes are delicately soft but more importantly, cruelty-free.

13rushes has been committed to creating the finest animal-friendly brushes since it was founded in 2013 by Tay Yu Hui and Charlene Liew. Their brushes are 100% free from ponytails and goatees so you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions to animal fur.

Many might think that synthetic fibres will never match up to real hair but 13rushes uses only the highest grade of textured synthetic bristles (taklon) instead of the conventional nylon bristles.

All of their brushes are intricately made, having undergone 12 production stages with 26 craftsmen. 13rushes also work closely with their manufacturing partners to reduce wastage of resources through the use of sustainable materials.

After learning about the brand and what they stood for, I was very excited to try out their products and I picked the following brushes after browsing the website!

Cheeky Shader, 13rave, Angled Flat Foundation

As an online store, 13rushes understands that you may prefer to try out the products first-hand before purchasing them. To allay your worries, the site is extremely informative and tries to address any possible queries that you may have.

Listed with each brush is a description of its design, the type of makeup it can be used with, and its function. 13rushes even throws in application tips as well as responses to popular questions.

In fact, the information on the site is a fantastic way for newbies to learn about the type of brushes that pair with certain types of makeup. It is difficult to get such detailed advice in an actual brick and mortar store, so shopping online with 13rushes lets you make more informed decisions!

Since it’s an online store, the brushes were delivered through mail. Don’t worry about your brushes being damaged though, — mine arrived in a beautiful Tiffany blue poly mailer and were well-protected with gauze, plastic, as well as bubble wrap.


This best-selling face brush can be used with foundation, powder and blush. As the 13rave brush is exceptionally soft, it is suitable for lightweight liquid or powder-based products.

Elizabeth Arden’s Face/Blush Brush (left) vs 13rave (right)

Engineered to obscure pores with a light touch, 13rave delivers a weightless air-brushed finish and perfects complexion in an instant. 13rave’s soft velvety bristles, gently sloping brush head and optimal bristle density is also perfect for you if you have sensitive skin.

You can use it as a foundation brush for light-medium foundation coverage or as a contouring brush to create a soft, blended contouring look. While the 13rave might be slightly big for the cheeks, you can still use it as a blush brush by picking up makeup with only one side of the brush.

I was using Elizabeth Arden’s Face/Blush Brush. The bristles are not as soft and my blush can sometimes look patchy and not well-blended. When I used 13rave, I was able to achieve a more even look with my blush. I can now leave the house without fear that I look like anpanman.

Price: S$29

Angled Flat Foundation Brush

This brush features a consistent density across its angled brush head. Its unique bristle arrangement fits into all the contours of the face (including around the nose and under the eyes). You can blend your foundation as well as concealer and enjoy an even streak-free foundation finish.

The densely packed brush head offers medium to full coverage and it works better than 13rave if you prefer precision over speed for your foundation.

13rave and Angled Flat Foundation (left) vs Primark’s Double-end concealer and foundation brush (right)

My previous foundation brush was Primark’s Double-end concealer and foundation brush. When I wash it with a gentle baby shampoo, I am unable to completely remove the product from the bristles.

Washing the Angled Flat Foundation for the first time gave me a pleasant surprise, for the product disappeared from the bristles and the brush looked almost as good as new.

Price: S$25

Cheeky Shader

This Cheeky Shader is one of the travel brushes in Brea’s Adventures, a remake of their signature mint travel kit. This brush is great to put on a seamless bronze, create sexy contours or dust on a healthy pink flush.

The total length of the handle, ferrule and bristles is 12.5cm and it can fit inside your travel makeup pouch perfectly. A total sucker for aesthetics, my favourite part is undeniably its Tiffany mint glossy finish and aluminium gold ferrule.

Price: S$26


I take heart in the fact that there are Singaporean brands making their mark in the cosmetics industry. I would definitely support local instead of purchasing brushes from international makeup brands since 13rushes’ brushes optimise product application.

The quality is on par with and even surpasses some notable cosmetic brands. Support 13rushes today — stay beautiful inside and out when you protect your furry friends!

13rushes: Website | Instagram

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