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12 Ann Siang Hill: Chill Out At This Multi-Concept Venue Near Chinatown At Any Time Of The Day

12 Ann Siang is a multi-concept venue established by The Coriander Leaf Group in 2007 and it has recently been revamped this 2017. The five-storey heritage building is now as pretty as a picture with a classic white exterior and terracotta window panels with splashes of red.

Apart from the exterior, other improvements have also been made. Two spanking new concepts have been added to the list — Catchfly and Coriander Leaf Grill. If you have been to the Screening Room and the Rooftop Bar before the revamp and adored its unique entertainment experience, you’ll be sure to love it even more now.


Nestled in the basement is Catchfly, a new speakeasy-type bar that serves American-style cocktails. It is the brainchild of acclaimed New York mixologist Liam Baer. The intimate space fuses a plush interior with industrial edges and features Baer’s interpretation of classic cocktails with his own twists.

If you are someone with a discerning taste and a penchant for stiff drinks, be sure to get your bespoke cocktails here for they will be bursting with flavours from fresh herbs and spices!

Catchfly: Basement 1 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Thurs) 6pm – 12am; (Fri & Sat) 6pm – 2am | Facebook | Instagram

Coriander Leaf Grill

If you’ve heard of the award-wining Pan-Asian restaurant at Chjimes called Coriander Leaf, it’s time to check out Coriander Leaf Grill, its new counterpart with a casual dining concept.

You can find contemporary grilled dishes with Asian influences, alongside a wide selection of fine wine and beers. The outdoor terrace grants you a good view of Chinatown on one side, and street level scenes of Ann Siang Road on the other.

Coriander Leaf Grill: Level 1 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Thurs) 12pm – 11pm; (Fri) 12pm – 12.30am; (Sat) 4pm – 12.30am | Website | Facebook

The Coriander Leaf Studio

The Coriander Leaf Studio on the second floor is a chic, private event space that can accommodate up to 60 guests. The Studio Room is a wonderful multi-faceted space that can be booked for private and corporate functions alike as the studio is being fitted with full AV support.

This room is perfect for private movie screenings, parties, product launches and meetings as it oozes a chic appeal with its inbuilt bar and mirrored ceiling.

Coriander Leaf Studio: Level 2 | Opening Hours: Depends on booking

The Screening Room

The Screening Room is a boutique cinema room that screens at least one film per day from Monday to Saturday. Guests can sit back and relax on a cozy sofa with bubbly or tapas in hand and luxuriate in timeless classics.

Here, you can dive deep into thought-provoking independent or foreign films that are hard to find elsewhere.

The revamped boutique cinema room

Cinephiles can look forward to a host of new ‘film noir’ and ‘art house’ screenings scheduled for the months ahead. There is also a new membership programme in the works, so avid fans of The Screening Room can look forward to the perks in store!

Champagne Lounge

After the screenings, head right outside The Screening Room to unwind at the Champagne Lounge while listening to groovy beats and savouring bespoke cocktails.


The other selling-point of The Screening Room is its Rooftop Bar, an award-winning alfresco bar that is popular with expats and locals alike as it is the perfect spot to entertain clients or chill after work.

You can watch the sun go down while you take in great music and the gorgeous views of both Chinatown and the Central Business District. The lights dotting the rooftops in the area and the bougainvillea add a rustic charm to the bar.

The beloved Rooftop at the Screening Room also has a new menu. You can now find an enhanced gin and whisky offering, new signature cocktails and delectable ‘light bites’.

The portions of the Tandoori chicken (S$19) and Steak on Chips (S$22) were just right and were sufficient to fuel my friend and I for the night ahead of us.

Savouring the signature cocktail called ‘Keep the lights on’

Keep The Lights On (S$18) is one of the bar’s signature cocktails and it is a concoction of Japanese grape nectar, junmai sake, green tea and lemon juice. The rose petals on top of the foam added a flourish to the drink.

This is a lovely place to hang out to soothe your frazzled nerves after a long day of work. Treat yourself to the tantalising concoctions and hum along to the pop music that the stereos are blasting. This bar is indeed the place to be and to be seen at!

The Screening Room: Level 3 & 4 | Opening Hours: 6pm – 2pm | Tel: +65 6221 1694 | Website | Facebook

The various concepts that are unique to 12 Ann Siang Hill make it a one-stop destination for great bars and fine dining. It is definitely worth a trip down to this hidden gem during lunch time or after office hours as there is something for everyone here!

12 Ann Siang Hill: 12 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069692

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