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Telegram MRT Bot: An NSF Created An App So That You Don’t Break Down When The MRT Does

Some people like to say that at least compared to other countries, our Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is still pretty good. Those people wear white, drive cars and eat caviar with their soft boiled eggs.

What was once the pride and joy of our public transport system is now a shell of its former being, just like that trophy you won at Sports Day in Primary School. Once a shiny beacon of accomplishment, now a reminder that you once had dreams.

There may be a way though to ease that pain a little, or avoid that pain totally, and that’s with a Telegram Bot. The Bot was designed locally by one of our very own NSFs, Marcus Koh, and is making its rounds on social media.

It’s pretty similar to the Bot that gives you promo codes for your Uber and Grab.

With the Bot, all you have to do is type in a few commands and it gives you live updates on the SMRT station of your choice. It lets you check on train times, train breakdowns and these mysterious “track faults”.

This smart little Bot might not be able to make the MRT work like it used to, but at least it lets you skirt around and plan for the certain pitfalls of the train system. We can only hope one day this Bot becomes obsolete, but until then fellow peasant, this Bot is your best friend.

P.S. Hey Marcus, could we do something about that HarbourFront spelling? Cheers mate.*

*Edit: Marcus can spell. It’s apparently SMRT… Come on SMRT! 

SG MRT Bot: Get Telegram | If you already have Telegram, Get Bot Here

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